New Apple pro sites. Apple disses any resolution below 1024.  

Book of the moment : UmBauhaus.  

Making furniture with love and simplicity: Super Robot  

This Is Broken: bad bad product design. (merci Francis)  

Break + shoot: high impact photography. They got strawberries, glass, eggs, jello, fortune cookies.  

Top ten lists of movies for every year since 1930 by film critic Mike D’Angelo.  

Mathematical LEGO sculptures: as if anything could be better.  

MFA Design exhibit at Yale: copy it now while it’s still “fresh” and “avant-gardist”.  

Mogwai’s Friend of the night video. Y’a rien qui bouge, c’est tellement beau. Comme Francis je dis wow.  

LE LINK DU JOUR: Tomer Hanuka’s illustrations. Pure, raw, bleeding talent. (thanx Turf)  

OK GO Dancing in the Backyard. (thanx francis)  

Good bye Lennin: wears for the ostalgie from Finland’s B-Agitator  

Objectúm-sexuality: “It is simply to be emotionally and sexually attracted to OBJECTS.” Now guess what she is emotionally and sexually attracted to: walls and fences. “And I am of course married to the Berlin Wall.” Weird in the haus.  

Makeover madness: un photoshoot assez fucké et dégeu pour Vogue Italia avec comme thème la chirurgie esthétique. J’pense que les mannequins ne mange pas assez de carottes parce qu’elles portent tous des lunettes.  

Nicolas Cage is Ghost Rider. I heart skeletons.  

Plan : living spaces photographed without a ceiling. More here.  

Nike+iPod. D’la technologie dans tes souliers. Moi j’veux la même chose mais dans mon casque de bain. (via cfd)  

Waiter Rant : do you want pommes frites with that?  

MySpacecide and the magazines you should be reading instead.  

Superdickery. Superman is a dick.  

Vos goûts musicaux sont douteux et la trame sonore de votre dernier dinner party était aussi excitante que d’entendre votre oncle parler de la conspiration “Da Vinci Code”. Heureusement Beats in Space vous propose un archivage de son excellente émission de musique électro-funk.  

Book of the moment : Swiss Graphic Design. It’s not as if anyone will be doing anything better this century.  

Archi-Hell : Slowly destroying your ambitions about becoming an architect.  

Just in case someone was not already aware of the only blog you should be reading : BLGD BLOG.  

Subtopia: The urbanism of the miliatry-industrial complex has never been as suave.  

DIY infrastructure: The Clean Hub by architect John Dwyer.  

Minimal Wave Radio: life after boing boom tschak.  

Good Artnet article on Gordon Matta-Clark.  

Modest Mouse Ocean Breathes Salty video. Directed by Chris Milk. I like the crow costume.  

10 Things I Hate About Commandments. With Samuel L. Jackson as Principal Firebush! (thanx Jim)  

As Joshua said: Best IMDb filmography EVER.  

Johnson Banks. Super portfolio, super oeuvres, super design. J’ai passé une heure à tout regarder.  

Un portrait de famille à travers le temps. “On June 17th, every year, the family goes through a private ritual: we photograph ourselves to stop a fleeting moment, the arrow of time passing by.” Une variation de la même idée.  

Thoughts on blog interface design. “There’s often a wealth of information to be found therein: information that is frequently buried deep within archives and comments. This article looks at ways to bring that information forward.”  

Type Navigator: To avoid the Helvetica VS Futura dichotomy.  

Une collection photographique de cafés britanniques sur flickr.  

The 999 ultimate industrial design classics, in three volumes by Phaidon.  

I’m very tempted to use this right now: sounds to promote sleep and relaxation. Not sure about the gulls though. Ka-kaw! Ka-kaw!  

Forget yesterday’s mustache post, we got a winner today: World Mustache Championship 2006.  

Michael Wolf’s 100×100 is photographs of residents in their flats in hong kong’s oldest public housing estate: 100 rooms, each 100 square feet in size.  

Study: Alligators Dangerous No Matter How Drunk You Are “Our data strongly indicates that human intoxication does not transform an alligator into a docile creature that enjoys wrestling.” (thanx Dave)  

Aaah, si juste j’avais assez de piloswité faciale pour m’amuser: Moustache photos by Peyman Hooshmandzadeh.  

Creative departement douche bag. The blog boy story is quite funny as well.  

Beautiful animated/puppet/real/cg short: Tyger (via WWIK)  

Super Mario Galaxy. Mario just ain’t like in the days. Looks like fun nevertheless.  

Montreal: then and now pictures. (via Montreal city weblog)  

I kind of have to post this event though everybody already has: A look at the life and work of the renown architect in Sketches of Frank Gehry. (via pretty much everybody on the web)  

I linked this jadis on the old site, but Pleix films still makes visually interesting films. The Birds video is particularly nice. (merci encore Francis qui laisse des messages fuckés de fin de brosse sur les répondeurs du monde à 2h du matin.)  

La chaîne Télétoon coproduit et diffuse sur ses ondes Skyland, une série animée futuriste conçue en 2D et 3D et réalisée par Emmanuel Gorinstein, ancien directeur artistique d’Ubisoft, à New York. (merci Turf)  

Manual for DYNAMIC CHAIR. More n55 manuals here. (merci Jihef)  

New Beginings carry out tasks in everyday situations with the purpose to provide solutions to identified problems.” (merci Jihef)  

Remember pink? The history of the color red is out. (via WDIK)  

The Fartparty comic. Its protagonist (with the black hair) is a girl, just so you know.