Calculate your ecological footprint. If everybody lived like I do, we would need 4.2 earths to keep up. And I don’t even drive a car on a regular basis… How about you? (Via le Kottké)  

The new iPod nano light-saber commercial was directed by famous music video director Mark Romanek and special effects were done by L.A. based Exopolis. So now you know.  

Doug Fogelson photography. (merci Francis “St-Bruno” Turgeon)  

My little bro sends these in and I quote: “C’est pour ça que je suis végétarien et Joyeuse Fête des Mères!” (merci Dan)  

Des membres de la blogosphère québécoise se foutent de ma gueule. C’est flatteur tout de même. Merci à Marie-Jo, Pat et Véro.  

Profitez de l’abolition du registre des armes à feu au Canada pour vous acheter un fusil de type Electrolux Deathray ou tout autre objet phallique dangereux qui saura combler vos désires. (Merci à Hugo sans petites culottes)  

Graphic designer Milton Glaser: 10 things I have learned.  

The crazy story behind the making of Werner Herzog’s 1982 Fitzcarraldo. “One crew member was bitten by a snake with venom so poisonous that cardiac arrest typically followed within seconds. Realizing what had happened, the crew member picked up a chain saw and cut off his own foot.” is a collection of photos tagged with whytheyhateus on Flickr. Viva America.  

Nico Langelier l’a dit: Nous sommes tous des mouettes.  

Amis de la vie, allez voir ça, l’Œuvre avec un grand e dans l’o de Thomas Weinberger qui prend 2 exposition du même sujet—une le jour et une la nuit—pour ensuite les combiner en une seule photo. Rrravisant. (via el kottké)  

Ridin’ Dirty becomes White and Nerdy with Weird Al. “Got skills, I’m a champion at D&D / MC Escher – that’s my favorite MC”  

Comme Francis l’a suggéré: “Nice bike, fucker!”  

Flickr: 22 yo Mareen Fischinger’s and her pictures are total hotness + flickr’s best can be found in the 3000 views & 125 favored photo pool.  

Typographie mon amour. (via le Kottke)  

Hey kids, when you don’t know the answer, get creative on your next math test.  

Qu’est que tu fais quand une tornade s’en vient vers ta maison? Tu le filmes, évidemment.  

Radiohead’s Idiotheque performed live. Intense is a small word for Thom York.  

Breathing Earth is a flash visualisation of the rate of people being born, dying and CO2 emissions by country. Learn! Compare! Realize! (Via Pat’s Neverevernu via Coates’ Plastic Bag via …)  

Who Is Jonathan Ive? An in-depth look at the man (and the team) behind Apple’s design magic.  

In the city of Tirana, Albania, the German architects Bolles+Wilson have applied a new concept to deal with the airconditioners that flock the facades of so many buildings in the warmer places of this earth. Next item on the list: TV satellites.  

“What does the music look like? The Shape of Song is an attempt to answer this seemingly paradoxical question.” And I find they do a pretty good job doing so.  

Fur is the story of famous photographer Diane Arbus starring Miss N. Kidman.  

List of exclamations used by Captain Haddock. En anglais, mais tout de même. (via b-boing)  

The ultimate pixel City. Two thoughts: Is there something missing in this city? And two: why isn’t anybody doing the same thing as the million dollar homepage and selling pixel real estate?  

À mes amis musiciens/compositeurs: how to write a fugue. (Il utilise du B. Spears comme mélodie initiale.)  

State Of Emergency is a fashion photoshoot à la war-on-terrorism photojournalism style. Photographed by Steven Meisel.  

Biomedical Image Awards 2006. Its funny how we have awards for everything. (Merci Fraaaancis!)  

Download movies online through Amazon Unbox. Looks like they beat everyone to it. V for Vendetta is 14$ and a 2.2 GB download. Apple is supposedly releasing the same kind of service tommorow.  

Learningsite : an art and architecture collective that has to do with everyday life.  

Reversa: voyez les effets secondaires. Attention, ce site web peut choquer les femmes de moins de 35 ans. (merci Francis)  

Peter Hapak photography. UW & The Room are super nice. (merci Francis)  

MJ, you’ll like this one: The Multiplayer Game Of The Year isn’t really played on screen.  

Tapestry is a directory of feeds for online comics.  

‘Where babies come from’ in German brute style. I don’t think it can get clearer than this. The illustrator must have had fun doing this one. And i’m sure the text is as crude.  

Great simple products from Atypyk.  

Ok, so no, THIS is the best link this week: Don’t you find all this Middle Eastern brouhaha complicated? Don’t you wish you had a simple summarized chart to get it all? Look no further. It’s fun to see such complicated and history-heavy relationships brought down to simple icons.  

This is a good trailer. I mean, I don’t know about the film but the trailer is very good.  

What does Bugs Bunny’s skeleton look like? There is an exibition going on in China displaying just that: skeletons of animation caracters. I have no idea if it was inspired by Micheal Paulus skeleton drawings that were circulating on the web a while ago.