Hank H. Huang is Made in Xerox.  

Talking Popcorn. “A microphone in the cabinet of the popcorn machine picks up sound of popping corn, and a computer hidden in the pedestal runs a custom-written program that translates the popping sounds according to the patterns and dictates of Morse Code. A computer-generated voice provides a simultaneous spoken translation.”  

Beautiful europeen football fields photography. Different countries, different environnements, same game. (via le K)  

Spikey bounce around. Addictive + I like the name.  

It will never be the same. Click and drag. C’est tout ce que ça fait? Oui, pis c’est hot.  

The Big Ideas Behind Nintendo’s Wii. Une belle problématique de design. (via pas mal tout le monde sur internet)  

Typosperma = type + sperme. Second project of his biotypography series.  

MTV’s 10 Greatest Music Videos of All Time “The individual frames were simplified to their mean average color, eliminating overt content [...] and were then arranged in their original sequence”. Ce serait peut-être plus intéressant de le voir en video avec la musique…  

Pruned : landscape architecture and art blog.  

The 25 funniest analogies collected by high school english teachers. “The young fighter had a hungry look, the kind you get from not eating for a while.”  

Les réponses des quiz de la semaine dernière. Méga discussions sur les probabilités du problème #5, si t’aimes ce genre de truc.  

Global Rich List :I’m the 684,923,240 richest person on earth.  

Curbly : DIY design community.  

Vendredi Video: (1) C’est sur le bord quétaine et la musique pourrait être mieux, mais je ne suis probablement pas le marché visé: une pub typographie-power pour Metlife. Et avec Snoopy en plus à la fin, c’est trop drôle. (2) This stopmotion animation on whiteboard for Minilogue was made as is, no undo/redo. Beautiful drawing style. (3) Shilo deals Blackjack commercial for Cingular. (4) And last but not least, Mat Weddle’s great acoustic cover of Outkast’s Hey Ya.  

Missile guidance for dummies. So now you know where it is or where it isn’t.  

Jason proposes this rope burning logic problem. Anybody has hints as how to solve this? My guess is that a knot is involved somwhere. More puzzles here.  

Animator VS Animation is back. And it spreads all over the desktop. Make sure you see the first one before.  

Will it blend? Des réponses vidéos à des questions que je me pose souvent. Cette bouteille de bière? Ces balles de golf? Ce McDonalds Extra Value Meal? Est-ce que ça va blender?? Ciboire. (merci Eric G.)  

Kuler : Aucune excuse pour vos palettes de couleur laides. (merci John)  

Joe La Pompe collectionne sans relâche depuis 1999 toutes les publicités jumelles.”  

Jockeys funky uniform. Pingmag covers so many topics in some ways related to design, its great.  

Calculate your tonedeafness. I got 83% right. Daniel Demay, fais le test s’il te plait. J’suis curieux de savoir combien tu vas scorer la dessus.  

Kids toy tatoo parlour kit. Um, J’EN VEUT UN. Toussuite.  

Don’t pay OJ. Sign the petition against the publishing of his book If I did it. For those who who aren’t aware of the saga. (Merci Terry)  

Geogreeting: making words with google maps. About time.  

Pac Mondrian : closing the perceptual distance between fine art and video games.  

Japan based and french directed design firm Curiosity makes everything slick n’ sexy. Today’s upscale boutiques are our temples for the gods of consumerism.  

Vendredi Video: (1): Psyop.tv, click on MTV HD; (2) Crazy Sloths, for MTV again (BTW, what do we call these? They are not really ads…); (3) Oh, and it’s Jerry time. Des marionnettes comme les têtes à claques, mais en courtes histoires, plutôt que des sketchs. Et en anglais.  

Mega Macchu Picchu. Super zoom like in the movies.  

Pour Vanou: Troops of defense.  

LSD Photographers. I don’t really dig their name nor their website, but the pictures, man, are they sweet. (Merci francis)  

Youtube: Capitalist Propaganda. No, really.  

Mon email faisait pouète pouète mais là tout semble réparé. For those you were trying to reach me, my email is now unfucked up.  

&uot Clever, clever swedish Lasse Gjertsen edits footage of himself making sounds to then build beats (titled Hyperactive) and then goes a step further with instruments making music (titled Amateur). He can neither play piano nor the drums. I love it this much. (via le kottke)


Guess the logo. C’est pas facile.  

Emotional Communism, by Momus.  

Vendredi Video: (1) Parasol Island’s Masterfile promo; (2) New Scissors Sisters Land of a Thousand Words video by Natv.  

Il fait beau dans l’métro : j’aime particulièrement le chauffeur d’autobus qui rajoute son grain de sel.  

Fuck Delirious New York , Radio Canada nous informe, en 1973, sur le boulevard Curé-Labelle.  

Décoration Lynda : Bungalow trash 80 pop-moderne décomag twist vernaculaire québécoise tel que raconté par une dyslexique de 40 ans qui porte de la dentelle sur ses blouses. (WTF, quessé tu racontes jihef, tu le vois bien “le tapis qui se veut noir” et “le petit gland déposé sur la poignée de la porte de cet endroit”, c’t’une pro lynda.)  

Avis aux montréalais: Vernissage de l’expo Concours d’architecture et imaginaire territorial au Centre de Design ce soir à 18h. Croquis de conception, planches de concours et photographies des projets couvrant 31 concours du Ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec entre 1991 et 2005. J’y serai.  

Pictures of super small objects in context. Washing those tiny plates shouldn’t take long.  

Teen Facts: Hormones. Re-live 10 years of puberty in 3 minutes.  

Retrievr searches images on flickr in the same tone/coloured area as the sketch you input. Welcome in 2006. Google image search is a long way from here.  

Brand New is a new division of the Under Consideration site which opiniates on corporate and brand identity work.  

For James W., Francis and Patrick E: I’m really digging this Design & Emotion website. This week’s interview is with Pieter Desmet whose PhD research covers the whole emotional product experience. His book discusses “what an emotion is, how products evoke emotions, and how these emotions can be measured and influenced.” Summary of the book here.  

For Francis: AdVerbatims. Real quotes from the glorious advertising industry.  

Simple toys and game designs. Plus c’est loin d’une xbox, plus ça m’attire.  

Vendredi Video: 1. Air Condition is from the same dood who brought you 787 cliparts; 2. Hide and Seek, a PES made commercial for Orange; 3. The fabulous Softlightes music video Heart made of sound.  

Pour Patrick T. (mais j’imagine qu’il l’a déjà vu, y’a genre, 2 semaines): The ultimate webdesign usability checklist.  

Common errors in English. J’vais essayer d’en apprendre une leçon chaque matin pour pouvoir vous corriger en public comme une salaud.  

Les têtes a claques ont un spécial Halloween. Quand est-ce que ça va devenir un show de TV ça? (merci Dave)