Broken Link. “On blank walls and white posters awaiting advertisements, Niko and Andrea cleverly co-opt the space by placing stickers of the “broken link” icon that appears on a web page when when the image is missing.” Clever.  

Statique Sound does audio conceptualization. Love the name, love the website, love the works.  

Bestest link of the week: We Feel Fine is an exploration of human emotion on a global scale. In such beautiful complexity I might add. “We Feel Fine has been harvesting human feelings from a large number of weblogs. Every few minutes, the system searches the world’s newly posted blog entries for occurrences of the phrases “I feel” and “I am feeling”. When it finds such a phrase, it records the full sentence, up to the period, and identifies the “feeling” expressed in that sentence (e.g. sad, happy, depressed, etc.). Because blogs are structured in largely standard ways, the age, gender, and geographical location of the author can often be extracted and saved along with the sentence, as can the local weather conditions at the time the sentence was written. All of this information is saved.” Read more about We Feel Fine.  

Achidose visited 30 places/buildings in 30 days in NY and made a report for each and one of them. I was enjoying this this past month as he was publishing one daily.  

Numéro# à la télé. is your pdf-mag magazine. Une “shitload” de mags, comme on dit par chez nous. Oversdose de design graphique. Arggg-hhg-hhhhh.  

Youtube: Metalosis Maligna is a new “disabling disease which affects patients who have been fittedwith medical implants. Sourcing from such implants a wild metal growth ultimately transforms human patients into mechanical looking construction.” (merci Eric G.)  

Flat33 has a new website.  

J’ai jamais lu un texte de Yves Boivert aussi drôle. Évidemment, avec un sujet aussi hystérique que Hérouxville, ça facilite la chose un peu.  

BD du moment: Techno Tuesday.  

Jan Dijkstra : industrial designer.  

Getty lists its best new 2007 photographers. “Gathered by a curatorial team of creatives from around the world, it’s a list of the individuals we believe will change advertising imagery in 2007 and for years to come.”  

Bill Sullivan’s More Turns photo series pictures people passing subway turnstiles in NY. I really like his elevator series as well.  

Blur fait de la méchante belle job. Le vidéo de Sonic est juste over the top.  

Writers (and possibly distracted bloggers too) on OS X will love WriteRoom.  

For Dave: Werner Herzog’s new movie (with Sir Bale): Rescue Dawn.  

Saving Private Nemo. I heart mash-ups.  

Machino man. Excellent billet au sujet des chef-machinistes au cinéma par notre blonde préférée.  

Farecast is the first airfare prediction website. It tells you when and where to buy to get the best deal on those tickets. Currently US only.  

The Real Story of Super-Heroes. “SUPERMAN: Noe Reyes from the State of Puebla Works as fast-food delivery boy in Brooklyn. Sends home $500 per week.”  

Sarah A. Martin artist portfolio. The Virgin Series are quite interesting (make sure you read the artist statement).  


Running the Numbers (An American Self-Portrait) is a series of huge images by Chris Jordan that portrays the contemporary American culture (mainly that of consumption) “through the austere lens of statistics”. You’ll be surprised by the simple method and result. (via Kottke)  

Chema Madoz photography. “Not everything is what it seems to be, And Chema Madoz ensures it’s evidence.”  

Vesolt Magic lessons. How to extract your DNA at home, make papers dance.  

The Soviet Roadside Bus-stops. “For the most part Soviet architecture and design is remembered for its heavy block buildings and functionally Spartan designs. Its overpowering desire for conformity left little room for individual creative freedom. A notable exceptions to this is in the transportation sector. [...] The themes that these decorated bus stops took usually varied depending on the region, often reflecting the local culture, history, or industries.”  

There’s this Herbert song on his Scale album called Something isn’t right and I could only imagine singing it if faced to something like this.  

Minimanual of the Urban Guerrilla : pour un mardi soir tranquille.  

Flickr: Auto typography.  

Expedition 10 Earth Observation Photos. “Expedition 10 Commander Leroy Chiao, who lived aboard the International Space Station from October 2004 to April 2005, took more than 24,000 Earth observation photos from his high vantage point in orbit. These are his 10 favorite photos from space.”  

Le Grand Content. (via Kottke)  

Enteractive. “Environmental intelligence and surveillance of human activity are combined with a video-game sensibility.”  

Touch is an urban interactive installation. An interactive pattern is drawn by the user on a screen which is then projected on the building’s facades.  

Japanese Love Hotels. Swanky stuff.  

Kollectif vous tient au courant des événements de l’architecture et du design à Montréal.  

Flickr: Lego Minifigs.  

Tous les courts-métrages présentés au festival de films Sundance (18-28 Janvier) sont mis en ligne gratuitement dès leur projection au festival. Y’en a tellement qu’on ne peut juste pas tous les écouter… mais laissez nous savoir ceux que vous recommendez.  

Christiane Beaulieu fait de la retouche photo de mannequins. 2 pouces en l’air pour l’interface et le nom du site aussi.  

Written On The City is a collection of pictures of graffiti phrases.  

Vous vous souvenez du concours de chaises faites de bouchons de champagne suggéré avant Noël? Les résultats sont maintenant en ligne et vous devez choisir le grand gagant.  

Running From Camera. “The rules are simple: I put the self-timer on 2 seconds, push the button and try to get as far from the camera as I can.” I love human beings. We’re so creative.  

Youtube: The morphable face model explained ”[It] shows how movie stars can be appear in films they never worked on, or even star in new films after they die.”  

Bur-o-vision: parce que des romans-photos absurdes c’est drôle en ta-bar-nac.  

Most Big Books are Crap. Stefan Sagmeister discusses the recently published Worldchanging: A User’s Guide to the 21st Century which he designed.  

Dirty Dirty Dancing. London club photography.  

This is so book. Wait what!? On est tellement 2007.  

Art minimal & conceptual only: parce que Dali m’emmerde.  

Finalists of the ‘Architecture for Humanity’ logo competiton. Avec des thèmes comme ARCHITECTURE et HUMANITÉ, tu penserais que les propositions seraient graphiquement un peu plus exploratoires. Voici les critères de sélections.  

Artist Angus Mark Bungay “works mainly with the figure”. As in leather masks and prosthetics.  

Love poem generator. Pour couples paresseux ou sans talent.  

Fluo Kids : parce que votre résolution devrait être de ne plus écouter de musique nulle.  

Strike 84: images from the 1984/1985 British miner’s strike by Martin Shakeshaft.  

Broken Angel. “For 30 years Arthur and Cindy Wood have lived at 4 Downing Street in Brooklyn’s Clinton Hill neighborhood. Unlike most New York City homeowners, the Woods have been adding pieces to the building illegally, making it into a giant, lived-in sculpture.” NY Times article icitte.  

Portfolio of japanese design firm Wonderwall. Check out the BAPE KIDS, 100%ChocolateCafe and Foot Soldier.  

Partial Face Transplants Photoshop Contest.Participants were asked to perform half-face transplants on politicians and celebrities. Genre faire un mi-O.Bloom mi-J.Depp. Ou encore une mi-P.Hilton mi-J.Simpson. Y’a même TomCat.  

Results for the “Ceramics for breakfast” competition @ designboom. Le grand gagnant est tout simplement fantastique mais j’aime bien aussi ces bols S.O.S. et ces salières et poivrières Booh. Trop cute.  

Article on the new Pillow Fight League (PFL) in Toronto. Woman only. “They’re not joking around; the fights are real. The girls are going for martial arts training, boxing, and then they’re applying a pillow to it.” Sexy. Flickr has a bunch of pictures of it.  

World Freehand Circle Drawing Champion. Je ne sais pas si vous avez déjà essayé de dessiner un cercle parfait, mais c’est vraiment dure, pis ce gars là l’a vraiment bien. Oh pis j’vous garaoche ça aussi: Deux autres cercles parfaits.  

Core77 + Fila = blufom shoes. Fait en Italie, seulement 300 pairs.  

Flickr: Ah, ces fameux motifs des sièges et cie dans les transports publics. Le pire c’est ces vieux autobus Greyhound, avec des sièges “comme sur d’la coke”.  

Alex Lauzon! Alex Lauzon! Alex Lauzon! Alex Lauzon! AlexLauzonpointcom est revenu péter de la broue sur la blogosphère! Wahoo! Là, faut juste espérer qu’avec son blog en main, il se pointera au prochain Yulblog. Alexlauzonpointcom!  

Youtube: Matt & Kim’s Yea Yeah involves a white decor and food throwing.  

Tiny Vices. Sometimes you come across sites that are still 1995-style sites of simply stuff.  

Retro-projector experiment. (merci francis)  

Nicolas presents his personal Annual Report of 2006. What he ate, what he listened to, where he went, how many pictures he took, etc… À la Perec infra-ordinaire.  

New Arcade Fire album Neon Bible coming out march 5th. They do have quite a load of high expectations on their shoulders. (Merci Dave)  

This one has it all cause its an interactive 360° 4 day time-lapse movie. Made during the construction of an Artbeat installation in Amsterdam. They explain how it was made.  

Vidéo d’un stationnement en chronocinématographie. Pardon? Ok, ok en “time-lapse” si vous préférez.  

Jake Walters photography. I like the name. (merci Francis)  

Photographer Jeremy Cowart’s Relationships website. I think I would have called this Juxtaposed instead and let the viewer complete and decide if there is or not a relationship.  

Needled is a tattoo culture blog.  

Le vidéo Dans la publicité... me fait immédiatement penser à 99 francs de Beidbeder. (merci Francis)  

Usability in movies: the top 10 bloopers. Kinda geeky but funny. And I like the term “Waldo controls”.  

OPLUSD naughty greeting cards. I want a girlfriend to whom I could give a card like this.  

Droog’s new chair: the bone chair, by Joris Laarman. Quite a beautiful concept and result.  

Wikipedia : Execution of Saddam Hussein. For voyeurs, link to video of the whole thing at the bottom of page.  

Faces of New York. (merci francis)  

Youtube playlist: James Bond Opening Credits. 23 videos total. An Hippopocampe browsing suggestion.  

We’re now in 2007 and we can easily see a video taken from a camera mounted on a rocket booster on the Space Shuttle Atlantis falling from space into the ocean. Most surreal thing I’ve seen this year.  

I was actually wondering about this last week: what an online book store warehouse looks like.  

Short film: Roof. Like Patrick said, quite appropriate with the current warm weather. (via  

Best trailer I’ve seen so far this year (I love that expression, especially early january) and looks like trouble is back in fairytale land.  

Christian Schmidt photgraphy. When I come across photographs like these, I literally yell out “that’s fuckin’ nice shit”.  

... et leur site web est plus joli que celui du MACM. Je déclare le HoMu BKLYN mon obession du jour.  

HoMu BKLYN : un appart transformé en expo d’art contemporain? J’rénove.  

15 tips to choose a good text type. Sinon faites comme moi et utilisez Helvetica bold au kerning -50.  

Type for You : blogue typographique.