Je les perds, je les magane, je les brise, je les néglige, mais si j’avais en ma possesion un parapluie comme celui-ci, je ne l’utiliserai qu‘à l’intérieur tellement y’est beau. 

On this grey but somewhat pleasant morning, may I suggest you rinse your eyes with photographic beauty with the portfolio’s of Sirs Tim Flach and Giles Revell. Quite elegant and visually stunning work indeed. 

Serial Cut is hot bitchin’ phat graphic design. 

Trop hot: Ransom Note Generator. J’peux enfin commencer mon business de kidnappage de gens sans perdre tout ce temps à découper toutes ces lettres! 

Paleo-Future: Postcards Show the Year 2000 (circa 1900). With house-moving by train, weather controlling machines and summer holidays at the North Pole. 

Votre dose quotidienne de design graphique: les illustrations et le self-made de The Culture Front et les installations de typographie & design de l’environnement de Why Not Associates

Hong Kong mid-level escalators: 800m escalators, moving walkways and pedestrian bridges that connect the downtown financial district to the mid-levels, a upscale neighborhood of condominium towers where many executives live.” And if you like escalators (I mean really love the idea of a fixed conveyor belt-like machine that moves humans), I strongly suggest you read Nicholson Baker’s The Mezzanine

The Price of a Gallon: 47 liquids compared. From tap water to cobra venom passing through human blood and Chanel 5 parfume. 

Black Cloud: Drive one day less and this is how much carbon monoxide you’ll keep out of the air we breathe. 

Erwin Olaf’s photography Quite stunning. He seems to reach the pictural quality of paintings with photography. Makes me wanna take pictures all day. 

Ridgemont Typologies: is about our desire for a mythic lifestyle, one industry’s attempt to fulfill that desire, and what the results look like to a passerby. “If there is some kind of big sellout occuring, what are we getting in the deal?”  

Heart-shaped egg mold and you can make your own cute morning-after/breakfast-in-bed/love-bird caption joke. 

Fast Food: Ads vs. Reality : “Each item was purchased, taken home, and photographed immediately.” Gross. Haven’t had a Big Mac (or any other fast-food junk) in 6 or 7 years and I don’t miss it one bit. 

World’s best designed newspapers: 28th Edition. All europeen (Estonia, Danemark, Spain & Germany), thought out insertion of illustrations is important and you can always feel that grid. 

Des portfolios de design graphique malade que j’vous pitch drette frette de même: Mopa ’07, IAAH™, SchuYuan, emery, FromKeetra, Flag. En passant, mercredi prochain au Centre de Design c’est le vernissage de l’expo des finissants en design graphique de l’UQAM et j’y serai. 

MoPo 2007 : Current Top 25 Architecture Blogs. Leur méthode de comptabiliser est un peu sketch, mais bon, la liste est bonne peu importe l’ordre.  

Pour Jihef et mes amis de design: The Bauhaus Rap. “Don’t you know it got / Art by Paul Klee, Kandinsky, and Lissitzky / Manifesto that is sayin’ what it really means.”  

Task-Focused graphic design portfolio. Tight (like a tiger) work and numerous gorgeous examples of edited and or self-made typography. And to-the-point portfolios like this (no web fluff) are always very welcome. 

Justine Cooper photography Saved By Science : “backstage” photos of the Natural History Museum. 

Edlo Kawa photography. First a retoucher, then a photographer, he call this new line of work photocrafting. The distinction between the two has all but disappeared: they control the final image form start to finish, and it shows. 

Hip-Hop Pop-Up : is a mp3 playing software that pops up websites of brand names in real time as they are mentioned in rap music. 

Status Brace : “Fake or non-functional bejeweled braces bought by teenage girls from a street market in one of the poorer districts of Bangkok. [...] My assumption is that purchase motivation is driven by a mixture of decoration, experimentation, and status – showing off that one’s parents can afford to pay for this kind of dental care.” I think it has maybe something to do with portraying innocence as well, like the young and sexy girls depicted in japanese mangas. 

77 hours of The Sopranos in 7 seven minutes. “A whacked out refresher.”  

I just finished Chris Ware’s excellent Jimmy Corrigan: the Smartest Kid on Earth. Love the style, the details, the gloomy expressions. Coincidently, Francis sent this in: Chris Ware does animation as well! And this short animated story makes me think that today people would do the same thing with cellphone cameras. 

I saw Stranger Than Fiction this weekend. A good smart, precise and funny movie. Kind of in the same alley as Jonze and Kaufman. Although seeing Will Ferrell play a somewhat more serious and uncommon role (for him) was quite enjoyable, what amazed me the most was the opening sequence

Some day I will have a Chesterfield. I would think it’s the kind of furniture that ages well over time. Get that leather tender (like a good pair of leather booties). 

I just super-heart these Japanese light drawings films: PIKA PIKA: PIKA PIKA 2007 release! 

Purest Cut: Overpriced designer t-shirts that manage to sell-out. Seriously, who buys this stuff? It looks cool and all but 90$ for a tshirt? 

Quiltsrÿche : Evil Rock Quilts by Boo Davis. “Personalize these designs with silkscreening or fragments of your old rock tees for an heirloom piece you’ll want to take to the grave.”  

Death by architecture: the preeminent site for architecture competition information on the internet. Tu cherches des compés? T’en trouves. Y’en a comme plein. Information aficionados: check the neat flash calendar on the side. 

Flickr: Bagel to go. Cute. 

Calatrava unveiled monday the latest design for Chicago’s new waterfront skyscraper. At 2000 feet, it’s 550 feet higher than the Sears tower. I am however surprised of the very small and elegant footprint versus its overall height.  

Vous vous souvenez de ce party rouge avec mes amis d’archi? Et bien y’a des vidéos de nous dans la cuisine à faire de l’architecture humaine (lire des pyramides), tous habillés de rouge. Le sommet touchait le plafond: Fabulous I & Fabulous II. (merci Sophie & Fred) 

One Click Butter Cutter. This is the kind of thing you see at a random friend’s house and go “Whoa! You got a One Click Butter Cutter! Can I try it?”. Pis le gars mets juste trop de beurre sur son assiette. 

SXSW 2007 Infographic Recap. Love the blocky title type. 

19 things NOT to do when building a website. Real good tips for newbies. 

Value Pack: Alphabet made of raw hamburger. Y’a un jeu de mot pas loin, j’le sens… Ah, ché pas. 

Vive le web! Une baleine bleue vraie grandeur sur votre écran. Comme un collègue de bureau vient de dire: c’est google-earth pour baleine! 

For typography buffs: Type Directors Club TDC2 2007 Winners. I like Darden’s “Untitled” and Bee’s “Olga” most.  


For my cousin Gabe who’s not yet reading this blog but I know his cool design-inclined parents are: Boost

Universcale: Interactive size comparisons of just about everything. The interface could use a bit more fluid navigating and a typography lesson though. 

The RED interactive universe. Je vous laisse le plaisir de le découvrir par vous même. Pis les arrières plans sont méga-beaux. 

OMG y’a eu un flash mob vendredi soir: party dans un wagon du métro de montréal

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