HZL by Henzel fancy schmancy art couture rugs. Made in 100% pure New Zealand Wool (ooou, sounds exotic) and so nice you would rather put them on your wall instead of stepping on them.  

Où j‘étais la semaine passé: Core77’s NY Design Week/ICFF 2007 Round up. C’est toute là. 


The 337 Project. An old 2-storey office building scheduled for destruction and to be replaced by green loft/condos in Salt Lake is being used as a 20,000 foot canvas by the local Art Center which had “no curatorial control over the selection of artists, the themes of their respective contributions to the overall project, or the place of the art work inside and outside this rawest and challenging of spaces. From the very beginning, this process has been part exhibition, part performance, part happening and all community.” 1 building, 42 rooms, 144 artists: Flickr set here

Flags by colors. “Each sector of these piecharts is proportional to the area of the colour on the respective flag.” L’amalgamme prortionnel de toutes les couleurs c’est de loin le graphique le plus intéressant: c’est une abstraction d’un drapeau du monde qui n’existe pas. 

Tiens, celle là est pour Hugo, Dave et Pierre-Jean: Une liste des plus longs plans au cinéma avec, bien sur, les extraits Youtube. De Orson Wells à Brian De Palma. Il ne manque que La Haine

Bold italic: Alarm Dances. Un stationnement plein et un bat de baseball, t’as une discothèque. (Merci Francis) 

Smithsonian magazine’s 4th Annual Photo Contest results. This year’s grand prize photograph is from an 18 yo New-Zealander and would make a fantastic painting. 

Hello loco senorita. Me fait penser à ma p’tite soeur (mais j’dis pas laquelle). 

Sorted Books: “[...] culling through a collection of books, pulling particular titles, and eventually grouping the books into clusters so that the titles can be read in sequence, from top to bottom.” This could easily become a flickr meme. 

Graphic design portfolios worth your procrastination internet time: Steak Mtn & Tauba Auerbach

Disney cartoon mashup: A Fair(y) Use Tale. “Professor Eric Faden of Bucknell University created this humorous, yet informative, review of copyright principles delivered through the words of the very folks we can thank for nearly endless copyright terms.”  


Pimp my Darth: The Vader project. Maybe the original should have had antlers, cause its lookin’ good and evil. 

Okee bike: Y’a tinque des suédois qui prennent des photos de leurs produits avec des chevaux. And: Nice bike, fucker. (Merci Francis) 

On commence le pimpage de la semaine avec Christophe Huet, french mcmaster de la retouche numérique. Quelques images ont même, à la dvd-extras, un aperçu du making of. 

Denis Darzacq – La Chute : architecture aliénante + gens suspendus dans les airs. 

Presqu’aussi drôle qu’Entendu à Montréal: La page de rencontres manquées sur Kijiji. Genre: “A presque tout les matin les matin ver 6.55 je croise cette jolie brunette qui ma deja demander ci elle etait bien sur le ligne verte nous echangon depuis regard et sourire mais les wagon bonder et moi qui descend la station d ‘apres fait que je saurait probablement j’amais qui elle est j’ai changer de trajet nos echange vont me manquer mais si par chance tu passait par ici fait moi signe si tu en a envie” 

Milwaukee’s official silscreeners The Little Friends of Printmaking have a blog where they post very large images of the posters they print. A lot of these images would make awesome tshirts (like that We’re Rollin, They’re Hating skull). 

Photo tour with Guy Kawasaki in the Threadless playground offices. For those of you who aren’t aware Threadless is a multi-million internet tshirt company run by 20 year olds. Yeah, that’s right. 

Yann Mingard photography. Check out the Twilight and the East of a New Eden series. 

Arrête de tourner autour du pot et dis lui qu’il pue du bat. Someecard a certainement une carte parfaite pour ça. 

New Swiss banknotes design competition results. And it’s official, the Swiss are from the future. Notice their size varies according to their value. And my personal favorite is the second second prize winner (Woodtli Martin), total chaos in the wallet. 


On the wing is 14 texts (visible from the window seats) on the wings of six Boeing 737. The wings sound like pretty cool guys. 

Ce soir c’est Crystal Castles au Lambi et il faut y aller sinon vous êtes nuls. 

World fatness explained with clear little fat men: population over 15 with a body mass index over 30. (Via kottke) 

There’s an interesting discussion over at Blork’s on the “open door” and “close door” elevator button icons and the resulting confusion of which to press. I never mix the icons up per se, but like one commenter said, htere position isn’t always the same (right/left) so have have to take the the time to look and read and press. Couldn’t we simply just have a big “open door” button? 

The best and most engaging TEDtalk I have ever seen: James Howard Kunstler: The Tragedy of Suburbia. Il aborde environnement, urbanisme et vie en banlieue de façon claire, engageante et compréhensible pour le commun des mortels. Je vous le dis, c’est un must à voir. Cette semaine, votre révélation hebdo arrive mercredi (today), croyez-moi. 

For design noobs and/or type video addicts: So, what exactly is typography? 

Je vous demande de stopper immédiatement tout ce que vous faites pour visiter A Huma : possiblement le meilleur blogue sur la culture visuelle contemporaine (merci à Pierre Crube pour le lien). 

No, There Are Not Enough Typefaces Already. Cyrus Highsmith brilliantly explains why today, with so many typefaces already available (digital tools have recently helped a lot), we still are in need on new ones. He pretty much explains what he does for a living (as a type designer) and why it matters. And I find that type as a subject in this essay can easily be replaced by architecture, design, music or film. This is not egocentric work. 

Marti Guixe: 10 years Food Design (1997-2007). The I-cakes look too perfect to be eaten. And I think i’m going to start using “contemporary potatoes” as a common household/kitchen expression: “Dude, want some contemporary potatoes with your burger?”  

Youtube: Fujiya & Miyagi’s Ankle Injuries video. Using dice as pixels, somewhat better (more depth) than Gondry’s animated legos for the White Stripes’ Fell in love with a Girl. Love the zoom ins & out. 

How to photograph a design poster. I’m noticing people are really getting sick of this way of displaying work. Pshh, whatever. 

Each time Apple comes out with a new product, I’m always immediately wondering “now how will the next device top this one?” (Cause there is always a sequel, and it almost always seem to be better than the first.) Well, what’s next for the iPod? Its already small size and overflowing features makes it complex to rethink the whole thing better. That is until someone said: “How about an invisble interface?” 

You Fuck. We Don’t. If your face artistic directors show off their graphic design work. Kids, don’t copy, get your own ideas. 

For Mister Evans: A few pictures of a hundred things with handles. “Just that, really, 100 things (not originally with handles) with handles.”  

Open Manifesto: some thoughts on graphic design. Might make some sense (or non-sense) out of what you’re designing all day. 

Ok, how did these go again? I remember we had the Top 10 car colors of 2006, a few nice graphic design links and then what? I can’t even remember. 

Sucky sucky suck suck: The hosting had server transfer problems and such, we lost 2 days worth of links, post and comments. I’ll try to have everything back up today. // Notre host a eu des problèmes de transfert et a réussi à effacer les derniers articles, liens et commentaires mis en ligne ces 2 derniers jours. J’vais essayer de tout remettre ça en ligne aujourd’hui. 


I like the idea of the Wrong Gallery that used to exist in New York.  

The Underground Menu at L’Enclume : a 26 course meal of molecular gastronomy. Ces petites et complexes compositions mises en scène sur ces “sites” vierges me sont sympatiquement évoqueur: comme des sketches ou des maquettes d’intentions de projets architecturaux. 

New (to me anyways) graphic design blog I stumbled upon: Print Fetish. Mostly covers magazines. 

Pardon my dystopian esthetic, but it saddens me that Kisho Kurokawa’s Capsule Tower is getting destroyed. 


Putain, c’est demain que commence la Biennale de Montréal avec un paquet de vernissages toute la soirée, notament à 19h à Parisian Laundry

Ironic Sans, why I love you: Murmur at the poetry slam. A poem about reduplication, with lines like “She left a booboo on his face / From all the bling-bling on her hand.”  

If anybody’s heading down to LA in July, could you swing by Sportie LA and get me a pair of THESE SEXY SWEET COLORED-POLKA DOTTED SNEAKERS

Pierre-Jean, si tu lis encore ce blog de temps en temps, c’est bien ben ta veine ce soir. Mets tes écouteurs, monte le son, recule ta chaise un peu et écoute/lis ça: Lotus Blossom. J’vais catégoriser ça sous “récits philosophiques de voyage jazzé et typographiquement animé en flash”. 

Hacker. Dropout. CEO. : the story of 22 yo. Mark Zuckerberg, creator of the social networking website Facebook. 

File magazine’s collection of unexpected photography. Over a thousand of them. And they aren’t your usual “beautiful” kitch calendar pictures. These are true: you can feel that initial amazement, the fresh gaze of wonder that brought the photographer to try to freeze it. These are photographs that you would want over-sized and hanging on your living room wall. Plus, they got an RSS feed. 

Ryan McGinley is to receive the Young Photographer of the Year award at the International Center of Photography’s Infinity Awards. Read the NYT article. 

Johnston Marklee arhitecture. Super-sweet houses and more. 

Grant Ernhart photography. Super serene still life in well done almost square compositions (which are usually much harder to do). Y’a plein de bonne hippoporizontalités. 

For webcam users, get your 5 Minute Friend. Can somebody seriously try this and tell me how it turns out? I don’t have a webcam but it looks like fun to me. Quelqu’un peut-il l’essayer et me dire ce qui en ai, s’il te plait. J’suis seul au monde, j’n‘ai pas de webcam. 

Improve your photography with classical art. Use the color palette of classical paintings to color correct your dopey pictures. Clever. (via the Kottke) 


Robin Lasser’s works : Mostly installations and photographs, love the Dress Tents and the America Eats series. 

Dopie Sandals: les prochains objets-de-design-industriel/sandales de plastique qui sauront remplacer les fameux Crocs et qui seront rapidement imités de tort et de travers par un entrepreneur chinois. 


Jihef termine sa session universitaire et la célèbre sa fin avec vous grâce à un lien sur Richard Serra et sa controverse sur Titled Arc

Love at First Byte. A great article on programmer Donald Knuth, writer of the book The Art of Programming. He will, through the publishing of his book, be brought to program and built today’s typesetting systems. The best quote: “I wouldn’t have wanted to write The Art of Computer Programming if it was going to look ugly.” (merci Hugo) 

Si vous n‘êtes pas déjà au courant, samedi après-midi à Montréal, c’est les Portes ouvertes Design Montréal où “le public est invité gratuitement à visiter un grand nombre de bureaux de design et de lieux montréalais qui se sont distingués dans le cadre de concours nationaux et internationaux.” Et je vous rappelle également que le blog Kollectif fait une méchante bonne job de nous tenir au courant de tous les évênements, conférences et vernissages de design/art/architecture à Montréal. Y’en a beaucoup plus que vous pensez. 

For Patrick E. : The Science of Pop-Ups. “I listen to the paper,” Sabuda says. “I open and close it slowly and say, ‘Do you hear a click? I have to figure out where that click is coming from!’”  


Martin Creed Works: I heart neon installations

Hier soir, j’ai écouté Charles Leadbeater et sa présentation TED sur l’innovation dans laquelle il explique que l’innovation n’est plus pour les companies à elles seules, “Passionate amateurs, using new tools, are creating products and paradigms that companies can’t.” Cet après-midi, je tombe sur un article de Core77 intitulé Consumers Band Together to Design Better Products racontant l’histoire de Zibra, une jeune companie formée d’amies ayant décidé d’attaquer de front les tradionnels, véritablement salissants et mal-conçus objets se rattachant à la peinture. Le hasard fait parfois bien les chose. 

Alice Rawsthorn on design for the unwealthiest 90 percent. “When you look at the bigger picture, doesn’t it seem strange that so much time, energy and resources should be consumed by creating luxuries for relatively few people, when so many essentials are needed urgently by so many more? Why are designers so focussed on designing for the wealthiest 10 percent?”  

Entrez l’adresse suivante: http://votre.nom.youaremighty.com. Par exemple: moi, prénommé Eric Demay, je mettrai http://eric.demay.youaremighty.com. Bon matin à vous ma gang de fous. Y’a d’autres variations ici

Portfolio du photographe Suisse Olivier Pasqual. Mes séries préférées: Vide et 1ère fois

Future Perfect: Action, Correlated Reward. “The recycling company rewards newspaper recyclers with free toilet paper, which is dropped off for every pickup of bundled paper made. An elegant mapping between the action – recycling paper the consequences of that action recycled paper used to make toilet paper+, and a reward for that action – free toilet paper.”  

Photographer David LaChapelle’s work exhibited at the Tony Shafrazi Gallery. I love his pieces. Real thought-out and set-up compositions, nothing improvised. 


Sprinkle Brigade : Fun with street turd.