Mes amis d’internet do it again: Le Mario Dumont Générateur dot com. Avec du méga gros texte! 

Ben plusse cool que le film qui sort la semaine prochaine: Real Transformers

Jf et Ironica, vous allez l’aimer celle là: Le bloye à Jacques Demers. Des calembours d’analphabète. Trop hot. 

Bookmark this one: What spices to use. Especially useful if you are, like me, a francophone who commonly follows recipes from english written cooking books. What’s that arrowroot thing again? 

Jefferey Milestein likes to take pictures of big commercial jets’ bellies. I’m wondering if these are meticulously made collages of a large number of shots of the plane’s underside or he simply laid down in the grass beside an airport, took very perpendicular pictures of the planes leaving or arriving and photoshoped the sky and clouds out. Any guesses? More similar work here

Nice photoediting job: If fire was water. I hate linking to sites that put up other people’s images without giving credit where it’s due. 

Domestic Spacial Turbulence. Le video de l’intérieur est excellent. L’artiste a aussi a plusieurs autres projets fascinants

Interesting read if your using either one of these online social networks: Viewing American class divisions through Facebook and MySpace. (via 

365 days: one mp3 for each day of 2003. Great collection of oldies and forgotten titles (try this 1977 feminist classic Dicks Don’t Grow on Trees for instance). And most notable because it was produced long before podcasts and mp3-delivering music blogs became the common thing. (thanks Tracey) 

German industrial landscape photographer Bernd Becher has passed away

Ça à été linké à plusieurs endroits la semaine dernière sur le web, mais ça mérite tout de même une archive chez hippopocampe: All change: How the age of the static brand is coming to an end

Le lien de la semaine qui va vous remonter le moral: Michael Jackson, Beat It pimpé en français. (Merci à The Toine.) 

Researchers at Purdue University have created a simulation that uses scientific principles to study in detail what likely happened when a commercial airliner crashed into the World Trade Center’s North Tower on Sept. 11, 2001.“ Incredibly detailed animation with different angle shots of the impact, fuel leakage, fire, explosion, dust, glass and its impact of the structural components of the tower. 

2007 Key Art Awards: Movie Posters. Same old, same old. Movie productions companies have this nasty habit of simply pleasing the masses. The most interesting ones are certainly the teaser posters where they can tolerate (and need) a certain edgyness (to intrigue). 

Future Perfect: Contemporary culture blog. 

Pour jouer Mahler avec distinction. En fait, peut-être que Wagner serait plus approprié vu le seriousness qui s’en dégage. 

Royal Remarquable. Click click click you’re way through. Consumore. 

For Mister Evans: FUCHS & FUNKE’s Papton Paper Chair and the clever CLEVEREST! (Rocking) chair (this one, like a completed complicated puzzle, makes my mind go numb). 

Who Killed Bambi? The Bambi Killers’ blog celebrates the bloody heart of talent and creativity. 

d e s Furniture : making furniture one plywood sheet at a time. 

Field Music – In Context : Vidéomusique d’une illustration composée d’une ligne continue. 

Parfois, je conserve un onglet de mon fureteur internet ouvert toute la journée en affichant une simple photo, l’oubliant et y revenant de temps à autres pour la contempler d’un oiel frais. Hier c‘était une photo des nouvelles salles de lectures du Pontifical Lateran University à Rome. Pimp ma grande bibliothèque, svp. 

Of Words, Paper, and Shapes is a series of soaked, sculpted then photographed books by photographer Cara Barer. 

By the way, Montreal is now part of the blog network: montreal. Am I the only one who missed this or was this launched last month without much of a holler? 


High Water Line: un rappel concret des effets climatiques à l‘échelle d’un quartier. 

It’s Monday. Wake up, brush your teeth cause you got a bad case of Morning Breath. Did you do your Homework like I asked you? Ok now go outside and seiz the day. 

Kottke made a nice review of Ratatouille’s very convincing realism. “I’m not quite sure how this is possible, but the people in Ratatouille acted more like real people than the actors in many recent live action movies”. He even later quotes Christopher Alexander’s The Timeless Way of Building. I myself haven’t seen the movie yet (I’m more of a DVD rental guy), but has anybody else felt this way the movie? 


Tauba Auerbach: compositions typographiques. 

The High Frontier, Redux : on the futility of space exploration. 

Reluct covers once again the Eindohven School of Design Graduation show. Sweet gorgeous conceptual dutch design of my heart. 

Contemporaneous Architecture with Gary Gehry : tant de frustrations relachées à un seul moment. Putain que ça fait du bien. 

Like every year since 2003, Logolounge, the largest online database (50,000 logos and counting), indentifies the 2007 logo design trends. I love to guess the source of the trend. Culturally speaking, where are these ideas and visual cues coming from? But remember kids: “Our observations are just that–observations. They are not recommendations.”  

Pingmag: New Rave Fashion Trend. Sexy, colorful fluokids, love it. 

Hey les amis, j’ai trouvé un hippopocampe. 2e beau dessin du haut. Je n’avais jamais osé le dessiner, sachant d’avance que c‘était juste trop laid comme animal. 

Le matin, je m’instruis: Animation expliquant les étapes de construction du viaduc du Millau, qui, en passant, fait plus de 2,4 km de long et 343m de haut (20m de plus que la tour Eiffel). La logique d’assemblage de grandes construction de la sorte me fait toujours penser à mes Legos. (Merci Nathanael) 

Pour G. Lazure & JF Boucher: Jano is a dual bike made out of wood with nice illustrations of the design process. 

Georgeous destruction/action stills (and great portfolio site design too) over at Martin Klimas photography. Qu’est ce que t’aime faire dans la vie? Prendre des photos de choses qui cassent. 

Two elegant playground themed design projects from BCXSY: See-saw bookshelf and the Swing Lamp. This goes under “thing I wished I would have thought of”. 

I’m kinda bored with the Internet these days. Haven’t checked my RSS feeds in a while, kinda dreading the discovery of 400+ 649 articles to gaze over/read. Anyways, stumbled upon 2 good links over on Kottke: Random Pizza generator (good for those pizza parties) and photographer Frans Lanting ‘s Journey through time is (attention) “a lyrical interpretation of life on Earth from its earliest beginnings to its present diversity.” Photos are nice, music is kind of over the top. Probably more interesting to watch as a performance than alone at your desk. 

Youtube: 100 numbers, 100 films, 100 quotes. I’ll let you guess this one out yourself. (Merci francis) 

Le nouveau logo des olympiques de 2012 à Londres fait autant de bruit sur le ouèbe et la scène international que le code de conduite de Hérouxville. J’suis étonné de voir autant de gens, d’habitude si fervants d’innovation et de création inédites, se révolter contre le nouvel emblème. Il y a une pétition qui circule avec déjà 25,000 noms. Hippopocampe, par sa part, est très content de cette approche claire, fraîche et novative; l’essence du brand n’a pas été dilué, ramolli et perdu à travers des milliers de réunions et commités (comme celui ci par exemple) et se distingue clairement de tous les autres logos des jeux olympique. Seb Coe, chairman of the London 2012 organising committee: “It’s not a logo, it’s a brand that will take us forward for the next five years.” A great rant in favor of the logo: 10 good reasons why the Coudal Partners like it

Das U-Bahn : Une série d’illustrations sur le métro de berlin.  

Modern Castles : urbanisme militaire en Irelande du Nord. 

Ok, I give in, premier post bébé-related. Je m’y mets parce que je sais que plusieurs d’entre vous ont des enfants (Patrick E., this might interest you): Swissmiss’ 10 favorite baby products (0-1year).  

London, How do I Hate Thee? Let me Count the Ways, 1, 2… 2012. Discussion of the new sexy-ugly logo for the London 2012 olympics, a logo and identity that that people will come to love or love to hate. I like it though. It’s fresh and quite visually stimulating for an event of this scope in this new century. Watch the cool brand introduction video here

Flickr: Grass typography in Berlin and the DRM is like… picture pool. is true stories told in one sentence. If I meet somebody who has been working on a project for some time and I feel they are kind of sick of telling people about it (and thus don’t really feel like getting into explaining the whole thing) I always ask them to simply explain it in one sentence, no more. Challenging them to a concise yet full and direct explanation always seem to get them started and interested in talking about it. 

The Graphic Graphic : sont bien suaves. 

Mais où avais-je la tête? J’avais complètement oublié de vous montrer ce vidéo des nos usuals suspects (incluant notre chère Andrée-Anne adorée et sa charmante coloc Geneviève qui, s‘étant faufilées sur le parterre après avoir passé 2h à attendre dans les gradins, s’exclamaient bouche-bée: “Mais Eric, ON EST SUR LE PARTERRE. !!!.”) au show de Arcade Fire y’a quelques (2?) semaines. C‘était la dernière toune: O-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ho! 

Je suis peut-être deux ans en retard mais j’ai développé une addiction à On peut même voir les goût musicaux d’Eric (avec qui j’ai apparement une faible corrélation musicale, ah bon). 

Decisions Decisions. Ça m’emmerde des conversations avec des inconnus. 

Casino Design : je me tue si c’est le seul emploi que je peux avoir plus tard.