Sweet collection polaroidesques iPhone photographs from Afghanistan captured by photojournalist David Guttenfelder. It’s incredible how real these photos feel. Also worth a read: Guttenfelder is chief Asia photographer for the AP and he spoke/commented about his tours in Afghanistan last year on the NYTimes Lens blog. Lots of insight. 

The Sartorialist is holding a contest asking readers to send in vintage styles pics from their personal archives. He’s posting submissions as they come in—apparently lot’s more to come. But many are already well worth checking out, here are a few: fellas (1930s, 1960s), outwear (undated), jeans (1978), friends (1939, 1920s), big man walking (1930s) and my favorite the shot (1950s). Oh the styles! 

Spike Jonze’s mellow robotic californian short I’m Here. Feels like it could (should?) have been a music video. An appropriate video response to the last scene would be Chris Ware’s Quimby the Mouse

Compare this to your favorite Oscar winners: Part 1 and Part 2 of roundup of the best shots of 2009, cinematographically speaking. I unfortunately haven’t seen them all (yet), but I remember the one from The Hurt Locker as particularly striking. 

Montréalais et vous fins amateurs de design, une décevente nouvelle ma boîte de réception ce matin: la boutique/gallerie Commissaires, bien à la proue à ce qui a trait de la vente/exposition/diffusion de design contemporain à Montréal, cessera dès la mi-avril « ses activités telles que vous les connaissez. » Pierre Laramée, fondateur de la boutique, explique qu’ils entendent cependant « poursuivre de différentes façons des activités de vente, de conseil et d’exposition»—leur collection permanente de la marque danoise Hay sera en montre et gérée de chez Toma · 5455 avenue de Gaspé, local 1106—et prévoit occuper « de petits espaces dans des boutiques amies, des shop-in-shop, quoi, avec des collections spécifiques pour chacune. ». Bon, sommes toutes, c’est peut-être pas si pire que ça, simplement dommage de perdre une si riche vitrine. Commissaires est mort, vive Commissaires. 

Paul Octavious takes, makes, crafts quiet and beautiful photographs. Love the Hill series especially. (Merci Laurence) 

TED: Love the fish like Dan Barber. The american chef/farmer (Blue Hill farms) is back on stage to tell the incredible story of a fish farm whose inner works resemble more a natural ecosystem than a farm. His presentation skills are tops; if you’re human and you eat things from time to time, do listen. 

C’est pour la forme, comme référence et parce qu’on dirait qu’on en entend parler presque de façon quotidienne ces derniers temps: all you need to know du pourquoi et du comment de la cuisson des steaks sous-vide. On le saura. 

I feel I need to reblog this correctly, because I just haven’t seen it much elsewhere on the web, so, if you haven’t already, do check out all winners of the 2010 worldpress photo competition. Take your time, browse through all entries, read the captions. It gets to me every time I see pieces like this, powerful images of our world still full of problems. So vivid, so real. Lots of heavy stuff though: when was the last time you saw someone stoned to death or an elephant carcass being torn up in an afternoon?  

Oh lala Lady Gaga! You’re here to stay. I love where pop music and culture is heading: Gaga’s nine (9!) minute Telephone music video featuring Beyoncé with a few winks to Tarantino. Everything’s remixed and regargled, just look at those dance moves!