Vanity Fair: With a Little Help From His Friends 

And if Zuckerberg's portrait wasn't enough, check out Sean Parker's, it's mesmerizing:
At 19, Sean Parker helped create Napster. At 24, he was founding president of Facebook. At 30, he’s the hard-partying, press-shy genius of social networking, a budding billionaire, and about to be famous—played by Justin Timberlake in David Fincher’s new film, The Social Network.

The New Yorker: Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg opens up 

I've been fascinated by all things Facebook recently. This portrait of its founder is well worth the read. The magnitude of this empire is beyond words and even he still sounds overwhelmed by it too. Though quiet and understated, Zuckerberg feels confident and up for the challenge of keeping Facebook not only alive, growing. Oh, and The Social Network is opening next week.


‘horsey’ is an attachable bicycle ornament/accessory which makes one’s bicycle look horsey!

Nice. Et on peut facilement imaginer d’autres formes/animaux. Imaginez les hordes de cyclistes sur St-Urbain le matin!

Hel Yes 

Temporary Finnish restaurant designed and operating for the London Design festival. Though only temporary, it’s brimming with so much style and identity; one only wonders why so few permanent ventures explore and affirm themselves so vividly. In Montreal anyways.

Dezeen has better images of the setup.

We Transfer 

Like the antithesis of all the file-sharing services: simple, no-signup and up to 2gb transfers, all for free. You can forget Yousendit, rapidshare and the likes. And as they say: “it looks pretty damn good too”.

Lost World Fairs 

Web typography showcase by top american web designers using HTML5 and Typekit. Fun: get ready to ride your browser till Atlantis.

Update: Designer Jason Santa Maria writes about the project.

Nike+ GPS 

I can’t believe it took this long but Nike just released their Nike+ GPS app for iPhone (iTunes link). It now tracks your run on google maps via GPS, giving you the possibility to re-run the same path against yourself, informing you of a further, faster, longer performance. The app’s design beats adidas’ MiCoach system (iTunes link), which was the first mover till yesterday but in my opinion overly complicated and expensive. I still think it’s incredible that yesterday’s shoe manufacturers now have to develop software to compete.

Coralie Bickford-Smith: Book Covers To Make Love To 

Seriously gorgeous book cover designs by Coralie Bickford-Smith, senior designer at Penguin books. Also worth checking out: a list of interviews accorded across the web covering the making of many of the graphic series.