The Sartorialist: The Business of Blogging 

Quite insightful of How Mr. Sartorialist made it to an A-list blogger, developing a lucrative and niche market while doing what he loves. Surprisingly much more thought-out and strategically planned than what he seemed to front on his blog throughout the years.

Happy to Serve You 

James, this one’s for you: critiques of coffee joints in Melbourne. Sprinkled with foul language and lovely still shots of the espresso cups. Love it. Some Advice too:

TIP #1 when unsure of whether or not a cafe will be good, here are some general guidelines that I follow:

1. If you see a middle aged owner and a 15 year old waitress, RUN. this will end up being one of the WORST cafe experiences you will ever have. I’m not naming any names, but you know who you are Dundas & Faucette in Albert park.

2. If you see bikes out the front and or hipsters, there will be a solid chance that the coffee is GOOD. I don’t know why but good coffee comes hand in hand with moustache bearing hipsters and tight tights wearing bikesters.

I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that this isn’t just a Melbourne thing.

Chicks & Bikes 

The two best things in the world, combined.

CCA: Geoff Manaugh on Method 

This summer, BLDGBLOG’s Geoff Manaugh has been crowned Resident Blogger at the CCA. He’s been taking plunges in their archives and blogging his discoveries on the CCA’s website and on the bldgblog. And tonight, good news to montrealers: he’s taking the stage at the CCA and talking about the experience and “the strategic opportunities and limitations of blogging as a form of architectural research”. 6pm. See you there.

UPDATE: Non-Montrealers rejoice! The talk will be streamed live.

Joe Gilmore's "Olaf" Visual Blog 

Gah! I want to ffffind every poster I see on there. Reminds me of vvork, but for the graphic design inclined.

I’m really enjoying the series of Moco Best Of 2008 over at MocoLoco. Everyday, for a bit more than a week now, they’ve been posting the top 5 picks of each MocoLoco contributor. My list of picks, with descriptive haikus (!), is here

Beijing Olympics just finished and London’s are next. Their blog keeps all up to date during the 4 years of prep, like what the new velopark will look like. And seeing it in the animation reminded me: anybody else missed the Olympic BMX racing on TV? 

Sorry I missed your party: Flickr pictures of other people’s parties. 

Interviewée samedi dans La Presse, Miss Miller tient le blogue Le Hockey pour les filles. Elle comprend et mange du hockey à la tonne, mais encore plus important: elle a aussi compris ce qu’est un blogue. Elle digère son expérience et le transmet clairement, passionément et de façon intéressante. Résultat: elle score! Et non, Catherine, y’a pas de photos de joueurs, mais elle dit que Chara est pas beau toussuite. 

What I killed today: a blog held by a veterinarian, records each animal he euthanizes. 

Noir les horreurs: blogue de BD du montréalais François Dunlop. Faut dire que c’est encore plus drôle quand tu reconnais tes amis derrières les perssonnages. Faîtes un peu le tour en 2007, y’en a des pas mal drôles

Guess who’s back? Phil-A that’s who

Drôle, drôle: Les discussions dans les fils de commentaires chez Brand New (un blog de critiques de nouveau logos) dérapent autant que ceux sur Entendu à Montréal. Oui, oui. 

In other graphic design community related news Under Consideration redesigned. Et en passant, leurs progénitures web (quispologies et brand new) sont des sources quotidienne d’infos de Hippopocampe. 

BusinessWeek: How the top bloggers earn money. Mouin, j’ai pas choisi le bon crénau hein. Y’aurait fallu mettre en ligne des photos de chats qui parlent comme des ados illetrés

Mes amis d’internet do it again: Le Mario Dumont Générateur dot com. Avec du méga gros texte! 

Jf et Ironica, vous allez l’aimer celle là: Le bloye à Jacques Demers. Des calembours d’analphabète. Trop hot. 

365 days: one mp3 for each day of 2003. Great collection of oldies and forgotten titles (try this 1977 feminist classic Dicks Don’t Grow on Trees for instance). And most notable because it was produced long before podcasts and mp3-delivering music blogs became the common thing. (thanks Tracey) 

Future Perfect: Contemporary culture blog. 

Who Killed Bambi? The Bambi Killers’ blog celebrates the bloody heart of talent and creativity. 

By the way, Montreal is now part of the blog network: montreal. Am I the only one who missed this or was this launched last month without much of a holler? 

MoPo 2007 : Current Top 25 Architecture Blogs. Leur méthode de comptabiliser est un peu sketch, mais bon, la liste est bonne peu importe l’ordre.  

Mon aggrégateur indique plus de 910 fils RSS à checker. Ça me tente telllllement pas. L’expression « la terre continue de tourner » devrait être contemporanisée « l’Internet sera mis à jour demain ». 


Steve Jobs’ Thoughts on Music. Mostly about the iTMS, the music players and how the current state of affairs isn’t really letting much choice to consumers. He states 3 possible scenarios for the future of online music stores. Gruber reads between the lines. Both worth reading.