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Mr. Tee 

Meta-Wow. Probably the best Threadless t-shirt ever.

The Sartorialist is holding a contest asking readers to send in vintage styles pics from their personal archives. He’s posting submissions as they come in—apparently lot’s more to come. But many are already well worth checking out, here are a few: fellas (1930s, 1960s), outwear (undated), jeans (1978), friends (1939, 1920s), big man walking (1930s) and my favorite the shot (1950s). Oh the styles! 

Like a short story with a surprise ending: behind the scenes look at the making of leather shoes from italian brand MOMA (Midnight Over My Actions). The amount of knowledge and history these simple things embody fascinates me. (Merci Francis) 

Fashion photographer Geoff Barrenger. Love the post-shoot color treatments, always very just and appropriate. Hardly overdone.

Thumbs up for a non-flash website coming from a professional photographer. Thumbs down for the use of lightbox as an excuse to resolve a poor user interface.


Nobody does it like Influence and Stardoll: if this is your thing, check out the full runway coverage of all Spring and Summer 2010 fashion shows from New York, Milan, London & Paris.

I tend to forget the clothing and simply check out the scenography (which, most of the time, isn’t all that different), but sometimes, you get fantastic setups: like the all barn Chanel show. Or my favorite: über-simple yet so effective, Viktor and Rolf’s runway shrinks the models into pretty little dolls while Roisin Murphy is sings on.


Russian fashion design Irina Shaposhnikova’s prisms surfaces Crystallographica collection. The idea is great, though seems a tad excessive for dresses; the vest and pants look strikingly sharp though. 

Girls, you have to check this out: The Uniform Project. In hope to raise money for the Akanksha’s School Project helping to school children from slums in India, Sheena Matheiken will abide to sustainable fashion and wear the same dress for 365 days.

The dress itself was design by fashion designer friend of hers Eliza Starbuck. It’s reversible and can open up all the way down into a kind of long jacket. She then matches it up with accessories and other pieces of clothing to reinvent her look every day. I had no idea a single dress could be so adaptable to so many styles.


En tout temps, Fifi lapin est la plus sexy des lapines. Elle sait si bien se vêtir! Quelle garde-robe! 

Parlant de parfums, Chanel s’y remet avec ses commandes de courts-métrages: Train de nuit de Jean-Pierre Jeunet, avec nulle autre que sa muse, Tautou, au premier plan. Un train de nuit pour Istanbul, un coup de foudre interrompu, quelque peu cliché, mais tout à fait juste, évoquant à merveille l’univers sensible et romantique du parfum. Jeunet avait carte blanche, tant dans l‘écriture que dans la réalisation, c’est très court, mais très dense et carefully crafted; le flacon est particulièrement inséré de façon judicieuse. Les interviews et le making of valent aussi la peine d‘être écoutés. Et comme dit Tautou: voilà. (merci Laurence)

Y a-t-il d’autres films pour Chanel autre que celui-ci et celui de Luhrmann & Kidman?


Like for many, perfume (like many things olfactive) holds the status of mystery to me; and in a sense, I have never really gotten it, simply holding on and nurturing a signature smell throughout these years. As I was shopping for a new fragrance last year, I was struck by what I was seeing and scenting: the wide array of cheapness repulsed me, you could sniff the marketing machine behind each bottle, nothing seem to smell true and worth my money. I left it at that, hoping to read more about it, learning where the true ideas and smells are.

Evidently, with that in mind, I’m glad to stumble upon things like this: Chandler Burr’s, NY Times perfume critic, Ten Favorite Fragrances.


Flickr: myvintagevogue is an huge collection of vintage fashion photographs from the 1920s to the late 60s, with sub-classifying by photographer, magazine, model and even accessory (phones!). Lots of inspiring material. A certain authenticity rings from these photographs, a truth in the display of prettiness. Maybe its the simple fact that the models look healthy and are not fourteen years old? Maybe I’m just projecting ideas too. 

Fashion photographer/director Yu Tsai sure did his homework. Is there anything he didn’t shoot? 

Great list by GQ: The 50 most stylish men, with subsequent styling tips every man can use. I love how many of these guys just transcend style, their looks are assuringly imperturbable. (via kottke) 

Boys and girls, ça n’arrive qu’une fois par année faque profitez en: le Spring Cleaning Sale chez Threadless: des centaines de bo tshirts full design à 5$ et 10$. C’est le temps de faire le plein pour l‘été qui s’en vient. I have my eye set on this one

By the way, if you like Mizrahi’s sketching style, you should see him draw live in his personal webisodes where he sketches design tips for women (and sometimes men too). Elegant drawing style, just breezes on the page. Plus, he’s quite funny and not full of himself. 

Elsa, Laurence, Audrey, all fashion gurls… Fashion authority WWD asked a handful of designers to sketch out what they thought the president-elect and his wife should wear at the inauguration ball in January. Suggestions for her (and the daughters); I like Mizrahi, Acra and Lacroix sketches the most (though Lacroix’s a tad overboard). On the men’s side, Obama gets day and evening suits mostly with an “updated yet classic sartorial style”. My vote goes to Ellie Tahari for day, the black Nautica suit for evening. 

Copenhagen Cycle Chic: A selection of portraits of chic cycling chicas. CCC pour hommes as well. I wish they were less candid/stalking and more sartorialisty

NYTimes: Fashion crit of the Olympic Games’ opening ceremony. Mon préféré: l’uniforme des Français. 

Vous voulez me faire plaisir? Offrez-moi n’importe quoi de la collection Fixed de Rapha, une compagnie de vêtement anglaise qui se spécialise dans l‘équipement de vélo avec style. Hot stuff: ne serais-je pas cute dans un Fixed Track Top

Letting you know there’s a mega sale happening over on Threadless. Some tees selling for 9$. Till sunday wednesday.  

Looking at different camouflage uniforms of the world, you can notice the local differences in natural surroundings translated in the camo patterns. My favorites are the few anti-camo: Malaysian Fire & Rescue Department (Bomba) with its sense of urgency, and the panda inspired style of the Korean military training gear worn in the 80s. 

What a pair of japanese Evisu jeans worn for 8 straight months without washing. Everybody know it’s the best way to make them raw denim jeans look nice. They also have this Dirty Dozen + 1 project where “13 people consecutively wearing the same pair of jeans everyday for one month each before passing it to the next member”. 13 months of wear and tear, hurray for extreme authenticity! 

I recently discovered a great clothing company: New-Zealand based Icebreaker produces warm, fully breathable and light Merino wool body wear. Launched in 1995 with strong and global good design orientated branding, its brand philosophy guides all company decisions, from product design to . Fully honest and proud about pretty much everything, their web site hosts great details about the company’s philisophy, its beginnings, growth. There is even a video of the product manufacturing chain

Bruno Dayan: fashion photographer. Kate Moss and the likes. (Merci Francis) 

Flickr: The Fitting Room Project. Alex Guelff has been taking self-portraits in numerous high street clothing stores. 

Art in the Age : des t-shirts pas mal. Les filles en ont des plus beaux. 

Toine ou Rappaz, vous avez besoin de ça: Bearded Tuque

Tiger Magazine vient de sortir un nouveau numéro. 

Photographer Will Pearson has a great little collection of panoramic landscapes and a neat series of Quicktime VR, including a fashion photo shoot in Yungfuktoi, Japan. (Merci Francis) 

Pingmag: New Rave Fashion Trend. Sexy, colorful fluokids, love it. 

Youtube: Fujiya & Miyagi’s Ankle Injuries video. Using dice as pixels, somewhat better (more depth) than Gondry’s animated legos for the White Stripes’ Fell in love with a Girl. Love the zoom ins & out. 

Dopie Sandals: les prochains objets-de-design-industriel/sandales de plastique qui sauront remplacer les fameux Crocs et qui seront rapidement imités de tort et de travers par un entrepreneur chinois. 

Purest Cut: Overpriced designer t-shirts that manage to sell-out. Seriously, who buys this stuff? It looks cool and all but 90$ for a tshirt? 

Worn Again: shoes made out of 99% recycled materials. 

C’est drôle parce que je regardais en fait des tatouages ce weekend sur flickr, contemplant les motifs et compositions, regardant si il y avait quelque chose qui m’inspirait, mais tout me lassait vraiment. Mais vraiment. Et je viens de tomber la dessus: “Reset Design Tattoo is a special tattoo collection made [...] in order to propose a new functional and aesthetic was of thinking this permanant body sign.” J’aime les constellations et la bague de mariage. J’ai une amie (et lectrice) qui s’est fait tatouée une barre verticale, bien droite, noire, 20 cm par 1cm en arrière du molet. Elle ne me l’a jamais expliqué, mais c’est déjà esthétiquement beaucoup plus engageant qu’un papillon. 

For all my geeky blogging friend, here’s a “I’m blogging this” t-shirt. C’est le genre de t-shirt que tu fais l’erreur de porter une journée où tu finis par rencontrer des gens à qui tu veux pas parler de ton blog ou te faire dire “Hey blogboy! Are you gonna blog this?”  

SANS clothing designers. The NYC duo shape the ex-friendly fabrics to something that seems somewhat futuristic but oddly comfortable. 

The Glamour of Flight. I heart sixties flight attendents uniforms. 

Schwipe Store. Now this is what I call style. 

Pingmag: Quilt Festival Tokyo: adventures in fabric. Not your grandma’s courtepointe.