Remembering Ebert 

Colleagues of his reminisce about working with/around him.

The New Yorker: Settling the Score 

Sasha Frere-Jones explains why Drive (nor The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) couldn't have won best Original Score at the oscars last month. Cause, between you and me, it really should have.

Art of the Title: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 

Black liquid ooze all over. Hot stuff.

“David [Fincher]’s initial creative brief was frighteningly vague – it said, and I quote: ‘CG, very adult, super dark, leather, skin, blood, snow, breasts, vaginas, needles, piercings, motorcycles, vengeance.’ He said he wanted it to be like a fever dream, with a lot of abstract imagery.”

Cinéma du Parc: My First Movie 

Quelle excellente idée: du 6 au 21 mai, le cinéma du Parc présente les premiers longs métrages d’une vingtaine de grands cinéastes contemporains. Pour la plupart des soirs en programme double, ce sont les humbles débuts de Scorcese, Nolan, Scott, Lucas, Boyle, Fincher, Jackson, Carle, Kassovitz, Fincher, Del Toro, Almodovar, Besson, Zemeckis, Coen Bros…

The fine art of film posters 

Reelizer compiles the many graphic retakes of classic movie posters—which basically winds down to illustrators just having fun with the format/medium. Some nice work in the Star Wars category.

If We Don't, Remember Me: Cinematic Gifs 

Subtle is beautiful. Y’a quelqu’un qui connait comment on peut faire ce genre d’images? Le meilleur procédé pour ce faire?

NFB: Fogo Island opens E-cinema, celebrates Fogo Island 

The same way the Challenge for Change did change things 40 years ago, the NFB and Fogo Island Arts corporation are joining forces again today, opening the island’s e-cinema but also a film residency program and “media literacy workshops to the island’s youth”:

It is now continuing that tradition, encouraging their passion for the arts while simultaneously using film and video to bring about change, both to the community and the economy.

Featuring the 9 films by Colin Law. If you have only time to see one, watch Children of Fogo. (thanks Steve)

Super 8 

Trailer for J.J.Abrams latest project (produced by Spielberg if that means anything anymore nowadays). It’s only coming out next summer (as in next next 2011 summer) and the trailer has only been out for a day or two but the IMDB forums are already full of discussions and geeky hype. A Cloverfield sequel is a fun hypothesis though.

Je reblogue ce que d’autres re-tweet: la saison des expos de finissants universitaires en design commence; la cohorte de design graphique à l’UQÀM, elle, plie bagage et voici la bande-annonce. Bien joué, ça donne le goût. 

Spike Jonze’s mellow robotic californian short I’m Here. Feels like it could (should?) have been a music video. An appropriate video response to the last scene would be Chris Ware’s Quimby the Mouse

Compare this to your favorite Oscar winners: Part 1 and Part 2 of roundup of the best shots of 2009, cinematographically speaking. I unfortunately haven’t seen them all (yet), but I remember the one from The Hurt Locker as particularly striking. 

Like a short story with a surprise ending: behind the scenes look at the making of leather shoes from italian brand MOMA (Midnight Over My Actions). The amount of knowledge and history these simple things embody fascinates me. (Merci Francis) 

CNN delivers scenes from Haiti with 360º degree camera (currently four scenes in total). Imagine fiction cinema using this exact concept: all around video + user navigation delivery like this. I guess that’s where video games come in. 

The Auteur’s list the top 10 movie posters of the decade. My favorites are still Funny Games and Hard Candy, brutally beautiful. 

This question is so 2002, but as I was re-watching the LOTR trilogy recently, I was curious as to how they made the hobbits look so small when filmed with other characters. You don’t know the answer either, thankfully the Internet does. The technique is called forced perspective where the optical illusion of various scales and distances is simply adjusted by the distance between the subjects and the camera. Two short videos of the technique worth watching: forced perspective in LOTR and forced perspective with a moving camera. Impressively realistic. 

Fantasticly gorgeous, funny and foxy: Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox looks like it’ll win my heart. I had no idea this was based on a book by Roald Dahl. (By the way, he’s also the author of many other successful book-to-movie stories: Matilda, James and the Giant Peach, Willy Wonka and the Choclate Factory, the Witches…) 

Excellent analysis of the cinematography of Mad Men. Complete overview of how the camera works amplifies the storytelling and character development. Bonus points with the Hitchcock connection. (via kottke and design observer) 

BFF, c’est pas juste ton home boy ou ta chum de fille, c’est aussi le Bicycle Film Festival, et il aura lieu pour la première fois à Montréal à l’ONF, les 14, 15 et 16 août prochains. Beaucoup de courts, la bande annonce pour le plus long film, Where are you go (Canada, 60 min), présenté le 14 août à 19 h. (via Gabriel velomane Béland) 

Creative Review: The best film titles ever made. Funny thing is, you’ve probably seen most of these movies already. 

IFC takes a hit to list the 50 greatest trailers. Like they say, trailers are some kind of art in themselves, a balanced blend of cinematic intrigue and well adjusted marketing. Though behold the power of brevity for they often tend to surpass in interestingness the movies they are announcing. (via kottke) 

Terri Timely’s Synesthesia and many other sweet lookin’ videos

What details captured at 1000 and 2500 frames per second look like. That’s one bouncy jello. UPDATE: The link. Some days I wonder where my head is. 

Internet + clever people, uh, I just love you: Justice’s DVNO on yooouuutuuube. Now you too can explode any youtube video frame by frame. (via Piette) 

Parlant de parfums, Chanel s’y remet avec ses commandes de courts-métrages: Train de nuit de Jean-Pierre Jeunet, avec nulle autre que sa muse, Tautou, au premier plan. Un train de nuit pour Istanbul, un coup de foudre interrompu, quelque peu cliché, mais tout à fait juste, évoquant à merveille l’univers sensible et romantique du parfum. Jeunet avait carte blanche, tant dans l‘écriture que dans la réalisation, c’est très court, mais très dense et carefully crafted; le flacon est particulièrement inséré de façon judicieuse. Les interviews et le making of valent aussi la peine d‘être écoutés. Et comme dit Tautou: voilà. (merci Laurence)

Y a-t-il d’autres films pour Chanel autre que celui-ci et celui de Luhrmann & Kidman?


Jim, you’ll like this one: An interesting analysis of how the main characters in Fight Club are simply Calvin (Ed Norton’s character) and Hobbes (Tyler played by Brad Pitt) who grew up.

Within the safety of the panel, Calvin is perpetually six years old, terrible things can never happen, and no matter how crazy a stunt he pulls, everything always returns to status quo. Because of this, our hero is free to do as he wishes, free to chase his dreams as wildly as he desires, never having to worry about tomorrow because there essentially will never be one—unless it’s part of a continuing storyline. This makes the reality of Fight Club all the bleaker, because it depicts what happens when you take someone weaned on dreams and limitless possibilities and jam him into a cramped cage confined by rules and regulations. It probably only took poor Calvin a few years in the adult world (or growing-up world) to fully make the sad change.

Obviously “uptight, grade-obsessed Susie Derkins lost her way” and thus Marla Singer was born.


Booker Sim, a filmmaker buddy of mine, has been working with Toronto-based Cervélo, a small manufacturer of über-engineered racing bikes, on a multi-segment documentary Beyond The Peloton about their new pro-cycling team. Cervélo, still a relatively small bike company, has recently been characterized by many as the striving underdog as Carlos Sastre, winner of the 2008 Tour de France crossed the finish line riding a Cervélo bike, propelling the bike company to international fame. The first segment of the doc was published this weekend (also available in grand HD format) and more will hit the net these coming weeks. 

Si vous êtes tanné d‘écouter À la di Stasio, un épisode de Food Party est bien plus qu’un simple vent de fraîcheur, c’tune tornade. (Merci Catherine) 

Safe Trip Home is the name of both Dido’s third album and the accompanying website. The tagline reads “Create a journey through film and music”, with the possibility of responding to the 6 music videos, all filmed in different countries, portraying a day in the life of a single character. It’s well done, and it all ties nicely with the music (or vice-versa). 

By the way, if you like Mizrahi’s sketching style, you should see him draw live in his personal webisodes where he sketches design tips for women (and sometimes men too). Elegant drawing style, just breezes on the page. Plus, he’s quite funny and not full of himself. 

TED conferences are part of my regular webroutine. I try to watch a few per week; topics that don’t strike me as exciting at first often turn out to be, if well spoken, fascinating and thought provoking. Here are three presentations I recently watched that are all worth every minute of your time: 1) NY chef and restaurants/farm owner Dan Barber tells a surprising [and mouth-foaming] parable of ethically made foie gras; 2) Author and Harvard Scholar Samantha Power recalls the life and work of Sergio Veira de Mello, the skilled UN diplomat “who worked with the world’s worst dictators”, fighting for people’s rights till the very end; 3) and for those who, like me, are fascinated by smells: I loved this vulgarization of the science of scent as told by biophysicist and architect of perfumes Luca Turin. 

Xavier, on ne joue plus à Guitar Hero, mais à Bike Hero. Tout ce qu’il y a de beau dans la culture du remix est là, dans cette vidéo. 2008, je t’adore pour ça. 

Apparently, track bike racing was all the rave in america in the early part of the 1900, where many times top-earning cyclists would make more money in six days than baseball or football players in a year. The famous six-day races were largely publicized annual events—when in NY, it was held at the Madison Square Garden—in which teams of two cyclist would race for 6 days straight, working shifts between teammates. Crazy. Here’s an interesting excerpt of the movie on the building of the race tracks. (thanks Patrick) 

Première (vraie) bande-annonce du prochain de Pixar: Up.  

Pour Antoine, Anne-Claire et tous ceux qui, comme moi, sont tant incultes qu’interrogatifs quant à l’existence de poêles rectangulaires, la vie fait tellement bien les choses: je suis tombé complètement par hasard sur cette très belle vidéo mettant en vedette la préparation du Tamagoyaki, une sorte d’omelette nippone roulée, impossible à confectionner sans cette poêle rectangulaire (communément appelé makiyakinabe). Si t’aime les oeufs et le design, c’est fantastique à voir. Bonus: c’est filmé avec une D90! 

Dans la catégorie de ceux qu’on avait oublié depuis longtemps et qui nous avaient pas vraiment manqué : Jean-Claude Van Damme. Son nouveau film est en partie la représentation de sa vie actuelle, celui d’un “has-been” qui se retrouve avec à rien. La morale de cette histoire, il ne faut jamais sous-estimer sa popularité.  

Daniel, celle là est pour toi: Live from Daryl’s house est une émission web où Daryl Hall, oui le même Daryl Hall du s-u-p-e-r duo pop rock Hall & Oates des années 80, invite des musiciens à venir jammer chez lui, enregistrant et diffusant le tout (vidéo et les tracks audio) sur Internet! Lors des deux derniers épisodes, il a acceuilli chez lui Chromeo et Finger Eleven respectivement. Music labels and television broadcasting corporations, welcome to 2008, nothing is like it was. (merci francis!) 

I love how passionate Jonathan Ive talks about how the new macbooks are made. Is this the first time we go behind the curtains and see how an apple product is manufactured? This is beautiful industrial design, very pure vision and process from start to finish. 

New trailer for Oliver Stone’s W. I love the use of nicknames, we already know them all so well. 

Most interesting, exactly my kind of link. Five in focus: photographers. They share and comment five films that have influenced them most. The Five in focus series covers all sorts of topics and personalities. My must-see list suddenly got quite long. 

Excellent dialogue-less beauty-full very much excellent brazilian short film: Handmade by Denis Kamioka. 

Bon Nikon n’arrête pas, la D90 est annoncée et à voir les specs, ça va bûcher. La plus grosse innovation? La possibilité de faire de la vidéo avec un SLR. Rien de moins que 1280 × 720p @ 24f/sec, comme au cinéma. Cra-zy. Ce qui veut dire que, telle une caméra vidéo, tu peux changer la lentille, jouer avec la profondeur de champ, ajuster le grain, l’aperture… le tout pour 999$. C’est ce que je voulais entendre pour faire le saut et commencer à faire des films (pis parce que je ne peux pas encore me payer une Red). 

Comme disait Francis: “Un fixie, c’est tellement 2007”. Made In Queens: un documentaire sur une gang de Trinidad habitant Queens qui, l‘été dernier, ont fabriqué de leur garage des énormes systèmes de son montés sur des vélos bmx. Impressionant et digne de la culture contemporaine. (Merci Francis) 

Je récupère sans inhibition le billet Kottke sur le sujet: How Buildings Learn, une série documentaire de la BBC sur la façon dont les bâtiments qui peuplent notre environnement construit viellissent et murissent avec le temps et notre utilisation. La série est basée sur le livre de Steward Brand How Buildings Learn: What Happens After They’re Built

Le réalisateur derrière Helvetica s’attaque au design industriel pour son prochain documentaire Objectified. Parmi les interviewés sont le frères Bouroullec, Jongerius, Rams, Newson, Ive, Moggridge et autres cerveaux du domaine. Ça risque d‘être assez toufue comme conversation. Je sais que j’aurais des choses à dire. 

Trailer for new graphic novel made to feature film The Watchmen, réalisé par Jack Snyder de 300 fame. Man, j’m‘ennuie des Smashing Pumpkins. 

Trailer for Spike Lee’s latest set in a Tuscan village during WWII: Miracle At St. Anna. As you could expect, the trapped american soldiers are all black. 

Genius: Unevidéoderocktouslesmatinsç Montez le son. Adolescent, je me souviens de me lever et de faire jouer Smells like Teen Spirit pour démarrer la journée du bon pied. 

Pour subvenir à votre dose de vélo aujourd’hui, deux chose à voir/lire pour votre culture de deux roues. Primo, un super petit film simplement intitulé Messenger qui brosse un bon portrait de ce qu’est la vie d’un courrier à vélo à Manhattan. La musique est magnifique (quoi peut-être un peu trop hip-hop?). Deuxièmement, LaPresse démystifie pour Mme Toutlemonde ce qu’est un fixed-gear: Fixed gear: nouveaux gars de bicycle. Ça m‘étonne que cet article n’a pas été écrit plus tôt. 

Trailer for new Coen Bros. movie: Burn After Reading. Back with the Big Lebowski style, starring Pitt, McDormand, Clooney & Malkovitch. 

J’allais dédier ça à Hugo, mais je viens de réaliser que c’est lui même qui me l’a envoyé. Muto: la meilleure, la plus longue et plus complexe animation de graffiti que tu as vue. J’en suis certain. (merci Hugo) 

Pour ceux qui connaissent mon amour de jeans, vous savez que tomber sur un video comme ça première chose le matin me rend heureux. (Merci Cat, via RockLapin). 

I’m betting that Julianne Moore will win an oscar for her role as Barbara Baekeland in Savage Grace. Nice typography and colors too. 

Um, I want to believe: site and trailer for the New Xfiles movie coming out this July! And I think I still have that teenage crush on Scully.  

Si t’as un petit appareil photo point n’ shoot, tu te dois de faire des fauxtographs de tes amis de temps en temps. 

Weightless de Erika Janunger mélange architecture intérieure, danse et musique dans un univers dénudé de gravité. Comme Anna dirait: wow wow wow wow wow wow wow. 

The analog showreel show. On aimes-tu donc ça l’ironie de l’analogue. Checkerboard swipe est mon p’tit favori. 

Two words that can get you over a bad day: Punch & Cuddle

What is Encyclopedia Pictura? You tell me. James and I were laughing (or LOLing, ha!) at the idea of pitching the idea for the Seventeen Evergreen video: “Ok, so there’s like a valley, and naked looking people meet (but not really naked), yeah and so they like pile up and melt to the sky. Or something. But don’t worry, it’ll be weird enough to make you hip and edgy.” (Merci Francis) 

Oh! Une collection de séquences de titres de film en format quicktime. Quelques séries télévisées également. YouTube also has mucho mucho for your typographic viewing pleasure. 

Suite au billet du nouveau clip de justice, allez voir ça: making of du bumper de HBO en 1983. Avancez le à 5m 18s. Ça boucle la boucle, même la musique sonne comme du Justice. Et pour les vieux qui savaient déjà tout ça, give me a break, I was born in the 80s. 

Hippopocampe loves remixes, especially the ones involving old movies and famous designers: Saul Bass vs Star Wars

De-melting, re-forming, un-bubbling, type-texturing: Toca Me Design Conference titles by Dvein. How many melting/forming objects can you name? I see one Joe-Louis. UPDATE: Jeff m’envoie quelques explications et images du making of

Hitchcock’s portfolio: this month, Vanity Fair tackles scenes from Hitchcock classics with current hollywood stars. Johanson, Foster, Bardem, Affleck, Theron, Zellweger… 

Vous vous souvenez ce vidéo de RJD2 avec le gars qui danse avec des béquilles dans les rues de NY? Et bien, pétez vous les jambes et apprenez à faire comme lui: Bill Shannon (le danseur en question) a réalisé un vidéo d’introduction présentant sa technique. Props! UPDATE: plus bonus plus: Work it out: Version 1 vs. Version 2, side by side. (merci Francis) 

Trailer for M. Night Shyamalanaman’s latest The Happening. After ghosts, wolves, superheroes… Bees! (and chemical warfare) and bees! 

Youtube: bike messengers riding down NYC streets. No stopping. Ever. I’m surprised they don’t hit rear view mirrors more often. 

Mister Wong Kar-Wai’s latest: My Blueberry Nights. Starring Norah Jones (?!), Portman, Law & Weisz. 

Yeah! Papa c’est pour toi: la bande annonce de Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Probablement pas le plus authentique de la série, mais les clins d’oeils habituels y sont. Le plus évocateur: l’ombre de Jones sur le camion. 

About the Attila the Hun visual effects production: “The film was directed by Gareth Edwards, who sat in offline mocking up effects shots for the edit with editor. Once the cut was locked he then assembled the final and retired to his bedroom and produced the 250 effects shots in HD by himself over 4 months. Using After Effects and Photoshop, he averaged 2 shots a day.” Make sure you check out the shot breakdown: 7 guys are turned into an army of 30,000 men. 

Toute la liste de cameo de personnages et d’objets animés des films de Pixar. Drôle, drôle. Le changement soudain d‘échelle de certains est plus “choquant” que les changements de contexte. 

Youtube: The Most Amazing Instrument Ever (it’s an oldie but a goodie). D’autres choses “drôles” (parce qu’elles ne sont pas vraiment drôles): tout ce qui est The Most Amazing … sur youtube dont The Most Amazing Trick Shot” (qui n’en ai pas vraiment un) avec commentaires de modits français mysogynes ou encore The Most Amazing Baskeball Shot suivi d’une empilade de jeunes hommes, célébration de la proximité particulièrement absurde (parce que hors de ce contexte, à jeun, ça ne se vois pas) des sports d‘équipe masculins. 

Scorsese does Hitchcock: The Key to the Reserva is an old and unfilmed 3 ½ page script of Hitchock’s. Cinematographically soooo on target. 

Why did this come out in Russia almost 3 years ago? Guy Ritchie’s latest I had never heard of: Revolver. Starring Statham, Liota & André Benjamin.  

The new trailer for Cloverfield is out. Digne de notre culture assoifée de catastrophes médiatisées et de vidéos youtube voyeurs, la meilleure façon de te mettre dans la peau de quelqu’un c’est de voir ce qu’il voit. Or like James puts it so bluntly: “It’s just like Blair Witch with a budget”. Y’a un nom pour ça? Docu-fiction? Étudiants en cinéma, prononcez-vous. 

Pour toé mon Hugo: Lichtfaktor @ BehanceNetwork: If you take enough light-drawings photographs, you might as well animate it all to make a movie. Well done, music and soundeffects help a lot in the comprehension, because if often gets somewhat gorgeously complex. (merci Francis) 

Les 4 derniers épisodes de MTL12 sont maintenant en ligne. On part à la découverte du Mont-Royal, l’Hôtel Ritz Carleton, du marché Maisonneuve et de la Place Ville-Marie. 

Youtube: Information R/evolution “explores the changes in the way we find, store, create, critique, and share information.” C’est la base d’un travail cohérent: a different context, a different design. (via 

Hopkins is directing my kind of odd dream-based stories and Scorcese is directing The Stones. I always said movie trailers are the new feature films: they often seem more poignant, mesmerizing and actually good than the 2h film they are trying to advertise. 

When I watch clips like this one about the dimensions of the universe and what it contains, I just feel like dropping all the everyday stuff and rules and obligations right this instant and shouting “what’s the use, huh?”  

Il y a 4 nouveaux épisodes sur MTL12: l’hippodrome, l‘église St-Charles, le quartier de la fourrure et l’intersection St-Catherine/St-Laurent. L’expression “touriste dans sa propre ville” est plus qu’appropriée. 

Anywhere is possible in Jumper

Paper folding, this one is for you Mister Evans: Shitdisco’s OK video. The ending is certainly the best. Something not unlike Donnie Darko’s visions. 

Flickr: The End

Le lien de la semaine (si pas du mois) est full local: Urbania, le magazine montréalais hip hip, et TV5 lancent aujourd’hui sur le web, “une nouvelle façon d’explorer la ville [de Montréal] où chaque incursion est l’occasion de faire connaissance des personnages qui incarnent ces endroits inusités, peu fréquentés ou tellement clichés qu’on ne les voit même plus.” Excellent travail de rédaction et de mise en forme. Et je peux enfin connaître la dynamique de ce qui se passe derrière les portes du 281. 

Flickermood: smoooth experimental typographic animations. Or as motionographer and quipsologies put it: dope type animations. 

Picture NY without pictures. This is ridiculous: NYC is considering rules that require a permit and a $1 million in liability insurance for any group of two or more people who want to use a camera in a single public location for more than a half hour. Good-bye indie everything. Sign the petition. (Merci lili) 

Typographiquement vôtre: Typolution d’Olivier Beaudoin (via Ironica) and if you like graphic design check out Krghettojuice and Ian Brown’s Work

Video-tecture: Archinect lists a series of music videos “that overlap the [...] format with architecture, landscape, and/or urbanism”. I’m glad the list is conceptually inclined–ideas of what is architecture–instead of simply stating videos filmed in popular constructions. Even includes 50 Cent’s P.I.M.P.: like other “contemporary mainstream hip hop videos [it has] almost completely perverted architecture to a ridiculous farce where shiny white villas, neo-baroque staircases, and humongous pool areas are complimentary served with bling, cars, girls, and Cristal.”  

Best link this week as “The Story Gets Deeper”: HBOvoyeur. Be ready to want to see everything. How would one call this kind of production? Wikipedia calls it a theatrical multimedia experience and marketing campaign spreading over “the main website, HBO On Demand and HBO Mobile exclusive content, MySpace pages for the characters from the stories, supporting websites, and additional content for those willing to follow the “breadcrumbs” hidden in the other media”. 

Why Man Creates : a short film by Saul Bass. FYI, Saul Bass is the one who designed the great Hitchcok movie openings.  

Roberge dans En manque de peau. C’est pas un hippocampe, c’est un hippopocampe qu’il faut! 

Shoot’em Up movie trailer. Why are guns and gun fighting still considered cool? I don’t get it.  

N‘écoutant pas du tout la télévision (je la sors du garde-robe pendant les séries ou lorsqu’il est question d‘élections), je suis le jeune auditeur/consommateur aux yeux vierges-de-pubs par excellence. Winners and Shortists des Cannes Lions 2007. Parce que tous les DA cokés du monde aiment tous se tapper en arrière du dos et entendre se faire dire combien ils sont géniaux et créatifs (lire ceci pour tout comprendre si ce n’est pas déjà fait). Plusieurs créations canadiennes (dont la fameuse Campaign for Real Beauty de Dove). Si tu n’as le temps d’en voir une: celle-ci est certainement la plus drôle parce que douteuse. (Via Pat Lagacé, as if.) 

Ben plusse cool que le film qui sort la semaine prochaine: Real Transformers

Domestic Spacial Turbulence. Le video de l’intérieur est excellent. L’artiste a aussi a plusieurs autres projets fascinants

Le lien de la semaine qui va vous remonter le moral: Michael Jackson, Beat It pimpé en français. (Merci à The Toine.) 

Researchers at Purdue University have created a simulation that uses scientific principles to study in detail what likely happened when a commercial airliner crashed into the World Trade Center’s North Tower on Sept. 11, 2001.“ Incredibly detailed animation with different angle shots of the impact, fuel leakage, fire, explosion, dust, glass and its impact of the structural components of the tower. 

2007 Key Art Awards: Movie Posters. Same old, same old. Movie productions companies have this nasty habit of simply pleasing the masses. The most interesting ones are certainly the teaser posters where they can tolerate (and need) a certain edgyness (to intrigue). 

Kottke made a nice review of Ratatouille’s very convincing realism. “I’m not quite sure how this is possible, but the people in Ratatouille acted more like real people than the actors in many recent live action movies”. He even later quotes Christopher Alexander’s The Timeless Way of Building. I myself haven’t seen the movie yet (I’m more of a DVD rental guy), but has anybody else felt this way the movie? 

Youtube: 100 numbers, 100 films, 100 quotes. I’ll let you guess this one out yourself. (Merci francis) 

Tiens, celle là est pour Hugo, Dave et Pierre-Jean: Une liste des plus longs plans au cinéma avec, bien sur, les extraits Youtube. De Orson Wells à Brian De Palma. Il ne manque que La Haine

Bold italic: Alarm Dances. Un stationnement plein et un bat de baseball, t’as une discothèque. (Merci Francis) 

Disney cartoon mashup: A Fair(y) Use Tale. “Professor Eric Faden of Bucknell University created this humorous, yet informative, review of copyright principles delivered through the words of the very folks we can thank for nearly endless copyright terms.”  

77 hours of The Sopranos in 7 seven minutes. “A whacked out refresher.”  

I just finished Chris Ware’s excellent Jimmy Corrigan: the Smartest Kid on Earth. Love the style, the details, the gloomy expressions. Coincidently, Francis sent this in: Chris Ware does animation as well! And this short animated story makes me think that today people would do the same thing with cellphone cameras. 

I saw Stranger Than Fiction this weekend. A good smart, precise and funny movie. Kind of in the same alley as Jonze and Kaufman. Although seeing Will Ferrell play a somewhat more serious and uncommon role (for him) was quite enjoyable, what amazed me the most was the opening sequence

I just super-heart these Japanese light drawings films: PIKA PIKA: PIKA PIKA 2007 release! 

Vous vous souvenez de ce party rouge avec mes amis d’archi? Et bien y’a des vidéos de nous dans la cuisine à faire de l’architecture humaine (lire des pyramides), tous habillés de rouge. Le sommet touchait le plafond: Fabulous I & Fabulous II. (merci Sophie & Fred) 

OMG y’a eu un flash mob vendredi soir: party dans un wagon du métro de montréal

Ça risque de ne pas durer encore très longtemps (la version Youtube n’a même pas duré 24h), mais pour la nouvelle bande-annonce nippone écoulée sur le web de Ratatouille (le prochain film de Brad Bird chez Pixar), c’est par ici (format .avi). La première bande annonce est ici

Malu Malu: a short amalgamation of footage of the traditional fisherfolk of Sri Lanka. I love the super wide video ratio and the use of the split-screen. 

Eye-candy du jour : Magnetosphere

New contemporary musical: Across the Universe. This is my kind of movie. I really loved Moulin Rouge and this one seems to hit it in the same kind of music-video/movie way. 

Santasm = Santa + fantasm? J’comprends pas plus que vous. 

Portfolio de Julien Vallée, bachelier de l’UQÀM en design graphique. Il se spécialise surtout dans la composition animée, chose qu’il fait très très bien. (merci Rick G.) 

Prologue: live action & graphic design. From the same man who brought you all the Spiderman opening title sequences. Reload for another movie. 

Indian Version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Heillie les amis, c’est la journée Indoppopocampe! 

Julie, VéroB et Rappaz à la recherche du cochon graissé perdu. C’est tellement hot des cochons et le vidéo est particulièrement bien monté. 

What does Marsellus Wallace look like? Typographic film based on the classic Pulp Fiction scene. I wonder what it would be to watch a whole movie like this… 

PES is at it again: Human Skateboard

Flight patterns. Uses data from the US federal administration to create animations of flight patterns and density. 

How to shower: Woman VS Man. C’est drôle parce que c’est tellement vrai. 

2009: A Space Odyssey. A virtual tour onboard the Virgin Galactic spaceship. “Passengers won’t be taking off in SpaceShipTwo until the summer of 2009 (at the earliest).” Moi qui pensais avoir 60 ans quand ce genre de truc serait disponible. 

Youtube: Urban Wall Skating. Projeter le vidéo d’un skater d’un camion sur les murs de la ville tout en roulant. Ils l’avaient fait avant avec un tigre qui courrait (selon la vitesse du camion), mais celui-ci est plus réussi à mon avis. 

Dynamite Surfing. Wait.. what?! 

Watch the Oscar-Nominated shorts online: animated shorts or live-action shorts. Next: eat my shorts online. 

Partizan Music Videos. The list includes directors like Michel & Olivier Gondry and Traktor. All über creative. 

Vendredi Video le Lundi Matin: Clark Ted Insects video by 1stAveMachine and the new Kaiser Chiefs video (the song kinda sucks but the animation is great). 

Youtube: Superbowl XLI commercials. Budweiser and did a good job. 

Eric strongly recommends these movie trailers: Rodriguez and Tarantino’s meetup in Grindhouse (BTW, hippopocampe already called this one in october), Sam Jackson with Hustle & Flow’s Craig Brewer in Black Snake Moan and Mr. Danny Boyle’s out of this world Sunshine

Têtes à Claques, c’est tellement 2006. is the new. Je soupçonne des étudiants en communication de l’UQÀM.  

Cornelius Fit song video. Mo-fo bo-tee-full.  

Youtube: Metalosis Maligna is a new “disabling disease which affects patients who have been fittedwith medical implants. Sourcing from such implants a wild metal growth ultimately transforms human patients into mechanical looking construction.” (merci Eric G.)  

Blur fait de la méchante belle job. Le vidéo de Sonic est juste over the top.  

For Dave: Werner Herzog’s new movie (with Sir Bale): Rescue Dawn.  

Saving Private Nemo. I heart mash-ups.  

Machino man. Excellent billet au sujet des chef-machinistes au cinéma par notre blonde préférée.  

Le Grand Content. (via Kottke)