Infographic: 2010 was Foursquare's year of 3400% growth 

Going through +300 millions check-ins to take the pulse of its users activities/interests. Weirdly, a lot of people go to the movies on Christmas day, and Illinois has a strong gym culture. Who knew? Bonus: one check-in from the International Space Station!

Interview with Marco Arment 

A bit of behind-the-scenes talk with the one-man developer of Instapaper. It remains my very most favorite iPhone app. And like the best of tools, it came out of pure necessity.

'I, Reader' 

For my bookworm friends, it seems I have many: Alexander Chee's relationship as author and reader with books... and now, e-books. Delightful.

L'ardoise tactile 

Autres avantages: ça vient en plusieurs tailles (8” à 60”) et ça plante jamais. Johnson, je m’attends à une critique exhaustive de la chose dès qu’elle sort au Québec.

The New Yorker: Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg opens up 

I've been fascinated by all things Facebook recently. This portrait of its founder is well worth the read. The magnitude of this empire is beyond words and even he still sounds overwhelmed by it too. Though quiet and understated, Zuckerberg feels confident and up for the challenge of keeping Facebook not only alive, growing. Oh, and The Social Network is opening next week.

We Transfer 

Like the antithesis of all the file-sharing services: simple, no-signup and up to 2gb transfers, all for free. You can forget Yousendit, rapidshare and the likes. And as they say: “it looks pretty damn good too”.

Nike+ GPS 

I can’t believe it took this long but Nike just released their Nike+ GPS app for iPhone (iTunes link). It now tracks your run on google maps via GPS, giving you the possibility to re-run the same path against yourself, informing you of a further, faster, longer performance. The app’s design beats adidas’ MiCoach system (iTunes link), which was the first mover till yesterday but in my opinion overly complicated and expensive. I still think it’s incredible that yesterday’s shoe manufacturers now have to develop software to compete.

Microsoft Research: StreetSlide 

Excellente amélioration de l’interface de navigation virtuelle des rues d’une ville (google streetview/bing streetside) par l’affichage des facades en panoramas. La construction mentale d’une rue ou d’un quartier deviens plus juste et plus mémorable. L’utilisation sur iPhone est encore plus convaincante.

A Preliminary Atlas of Gizmo Landscapes 

Bldgblog style, Rob Holmes walks through the network of landscapes related far and wide to the use of an iPhone. From the mines of Zinc in Alaska, the smelting facility in BC, the assembly factories in Shenzhen, the data farms in Oregon, to the cell towers in Brooklyn: all coming together for you to find the your closest caffeine joint. (via kottke)

New Yorker: The iPad, the Kindle, and the future of books 

Great roundup from the New Yorker on the current state of the publishing business and how it’s adapting [or not] to the electronic formats and distribution with the Kindle, the iPad and the likes:

Publishing exists in a continual state of forecasting its own demise; at one major house, there is a running joke that the second book published on the Gutenberg press was about the death of the publishing business.

It’s not that bad, but the publishers don’t seem enthusiastic to change the business model.

Yay, Aperture 3 is finally out. I’m crossing my fingers for improved image adjustments capabilities. It’s been great for organizing and going-through thousands [and thousands] of pictures, but I always end up doing most of the post image adjustments in good ol’ photoshop. 

Circa 1997: Apple Newton Getting Started Video. Slightly ahead of its time, the Newton was nevertheless quite well thought out: the type-correction interface is marvelous, still many smartphones don’t have something as well designed today. And the beam function just sounds trippy. (Pis oui, c’est juste pour vous mettre dans le mood avant la sortie d’une tablette [sic] quelconque le 27 janvier.) 

After reading Nicholson Baker’s review of the Kindle 2 for the New Yorker, I’m kind of joining the bandwagon for some kind of Apple tablet anytime soon. The iPhone seems to be so close of something better than a Kindle, notwithstanding its size. Feels like Kindle is only good as it can be, being pretty much the only one out there. 

Vanou: If your iTunes library is a mess, missing album names, artists spelled 3 different ways, missing cover-art, irrelevant genres (Paul Simon lists as “Adult Contemporary” in my library: wtf), all that makes organizing nitpicks go crazy, you might want to check Tune-Up, it fixes everything for you in a few clicks. Automagically™. Its 20 bucks for more than a hundred songs though.